Has Nigeria Worked Before? The Answer Is Yes..,Only A Credible Leader Will Get Nigeria Work Again:.... By Emeh Blaiz Pascal TrendyVoice

24 January 2019

Has Nigeria Worked Before? The Answer Is Yes..,Only A Credible Leader Will Get Nigeria Work Again:.... By Emeh Blaiz Pascal

Has Nigeria Worked Before? The Answer Is Yes..,Only A Credible Leader Will Get Nigeria Work Again:....

When grand parents and parents tells their children of tales of how life was long before they gave birth to them, one cannot help but wonder where and how the government and the people of Nigeria got it wrong. With the continuous collapse of naira and the high cost of living today, Nigerians if given a choice will definitely love to go back to the good old days when life was relatively easy and success was guaranteed by just being honest and hard-working. Come with me let me take you down the memory lane;...

* When Naira Had Value: In the good old days the naira was said to be very valuable as a lot of things could be purchased with just N1 which was just the same as $1 but today, N1000 cannot feed anyone comfortably in a day.

* When Being An Undergraduate Was All One Needed To Live A Good Life: The younger ones are quite familiar with this as as they must have heard tales of about the Nigeria of old that's as soon as one graduates from the University, he is given a job and luxury apartment. These days however, this is just a fantasy as it doesn't happen anymore. Today most graduates roam the streets of Nigeria with their certificate looking for a job (any job) to keep the body and soul together at least. Unfortunately the undergraduates are wallowing in pain in their various homes as the Nigerian Universities are currently on strike while the govt look elsewhere.

* When You Could Start A Business With Your Intergrity And No Money: People say in those days many people would go and buy goods on credit to sell and would return the cost price to the seller when the goods are sold albeit today, any seller who tries this will end up with heart attack because the buyer will be default vanish owing to the fact that our economy has dwindled.

* When Value Superseeds I'll Gotten Wealth: Society would question anyone who suddenly shows up with wealth and has no known means of income, the on us is on such person to provide prove of how he became suddenly rich or face the wrath of the entire community. These days however, the reverse is the case as thieves and Treasury looters are honoured with chieftaincy titles and made elders in the church.

* When Rent, Food Stuff and Other Essentiall Commodities We're Affordable:    In these days, the price of food items, rents, transportation and most things needed to sustain life cost almost nothing compared to what obtains today. These items these days have continued to sky rocket with no hope of coming down.

Need I say more, for those who often asked rhetoric questions as to 'whether Nigeria worked before'? I guess the above analogy will appeal to your subconscious minds. There's e every need to change that wrong narrative.

The election is here once again, and Nigeria is on the verge of making history, whether or not it'll turn out positive depends on the firm resolution of the electorates to get their country back on track. No doubt as a country, we have been on a tedious journey to greatness but we can only attain that greatness if we come out en masse and make good use of our various PVC's.

Only a leader that understands the yearnings and aspirations of it's citizen, one with a private sector driven initiatives that can provide jobs for our teeming graduates, with the wherewithal to drive back our economy to what it was before and set the records straight so as to get the commonest  man on the streets have a sense e of belonging and live a good, affordable and sustainable life. Then and then we can be able to 'Make Nigeria Working Again'.

Emeh Blaiz Pascal

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