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11 November 2018

Here is new AD network that pays double of Adsense - Fomo

"You can now make double (X2) of the money you earn from your AdSense on your blog or website.
— Valentine Kit"

People suffers to pass through many hard hurdles to get AdSense approval, while some find it hard to maintain AdSense policy after approval. The end result is BAN which can lead to

Good news! A new AD network called "Fomo " has come to stay with the promise to pay X2 of what AdSense pays bloggers.

See the reasons I love Fomo Adnetwork:
1. Instant approval - You don't have to wait till eternity before you get approval to their website. It's instant and fast.
2. $2 per 1000 impression - Fomo pays publishers $2 per 1,000 ad impressions. Because a single pageview yields 2-3 ads, publishers are paid $6-10 per 1,000 pageviews.
3. No minimum withdrawal - Even though you make just $20 per month, you can decide to withdraw it. Not like AdSense that you have to wait till you earn $100 to withdraw your money. Fomo pay monthly.
What Other Ways Can I Earn On Fomo?
You can also earn $10 (N3,600) per 1 person you refer to the website. Assuming you refer just 5 people, you'd earn a whopping $50.

How Can I Join Fomo?

STEP 1: Firstly, click on SIGN UP   button.

STEP 2: Signup or Register an account with them.

STEP 3: After you have successfully created an account, tap on the "Settings" gear at the top right of the site. And tap on "Sites " to add your website to Fomo.

Now, that you have signup up and have successfully added your website on Fomo adnetwork. The next step is to add the code to your website for earnings and successful verification.

STEP 4: Go to the Embed dashboard and copy the snippet code and paste on your website <head>. The code is like this below:
<script type="text/javascript" src="" async></script>

After then you will get a notification saying "Code successfuly added"

Note: If you remove this code from your website. You will lose your earnings because is the verification of your site.

That's all, and you would see an alert message from Fomo saying "
Code found on your website. We are doing it live! Let's get started, go to your dashboard.
That's all. If you refer, you earn, if people visit your website, you also earn. And lastly, if people visit your site and click on AD, you also earn.
Any question, drop it below.

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