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29 August 2018

Davido Serving As NYSC Corp Member, A Criteria Of Marrying Chioma.

Davido Serving As
NYSC Corp Member, A Criteria Of Marrying Chioma.

Do you know whether one of the
criteria of marrying our
daughter, Chioma is serving as
NYSC corp member, and our
Son,Mazi David Adeleke is
effortlessly fulfilling the mandate.
The Igbo people could be very
dynamic when it comes to
paying of bride price, cos Davido
might be asked to pay all his
monthly allowances while in
service as the Bride Price, and
submit his CV and all photocopies
of his documents filed and
submitted to the Bride's Family.
To some Igbo Bride Price is High
In between, I pity all the
relationship that will be broken
in Davido's camp. I pity the
female corp members that will be
beaten by a female soldier cos of
Davido. I pity the fellow NYSC
guys that will jam leg for ground,
carry two hands up, dey twale
for Davido. I pity girls that will
fight themselves cos of him. I pity
girls that will snub their future
husband in the camp cos of
Lastly, I pity the Igbo business
men in Lagos, Onitsha, Aba and
all big markets in Nigeria, who
sweat profusely to sponsor a girl
in tertiary institution with the
hope of getting married
immediately after her service
years, eventually, she found
herself in Davido's camp, that
demon in her will not allow her
to remember the pasts.
To add, Davido has taken the
bold step which few or no
celebrity has taken, me, I don't
reckon it to him as humility, he's
doing the right thing, probably to
avoid the story of Kemi Adeosun.
The guy, Davido is from a political
family, await him to contest for a
public post in few years to come.
His NYSC certificate will be a sure
proof of his service to his father
As regard the payment of his
allawee, do you think he won't
welcome it? If he doesn't, people
will say it's pride, if he does
people will say him carry big
eyes, upon all him money! The
best thing for him is to use the
allawee to pay another person's
bride price in the camp.
Thank you.

~Ogbonnaya Joel. N

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