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29 July 2018

About Anaduaka Churchill, Anambra Campuc Awards 2018 nominee

Anaduaka Churchill is a graduate of Human Physiology (University of PortHarcourt), and currently a Final Year Medical Student of COOU, Awka, Anambra State. He is currently the LOC Chairman for the Nigerian Medical Students Association’s 50 Years Golden Jubilee Celebration.

He has held several leadership positions in the past which include:
·        Ex-Officio Member, Ojoto Akanasato Youths (2018)
·        Pioneer Electoral Committee Chairman, Ojoto Akanasato Youth Wing Election (2018)
·        Immediate Past President, COUMSA (2017/2018)
·        Member Electoral Committee COOUMSAECO  (2015)
·        Local Organizing Committee Chairman (Seminar and Outreach), COOUMSA Health Week (2016)
·        President, NYSC Peer Education Trainers, Akwa-Ibom State (2012)
·        Public Relations Officer, NYSC Peer Education Trainers Akwa-Ibom State (2011)
·        Director of Convention, Junior Chamber International, University of Port Harcourt (2010/2011)
·        Director of Socials, Students Physiological Association of Nigeria (2009/2010)
·        Junior Chamber International University of Port Harcourt: Director of Sponsorship (2008/2009), Director of Finance (2008/2009), Personal Assistant to the President (2008/2009)
·        Member Transport Committee, Students Union Government University of Port Harcourt (2007/2008)
·        Public Relations Officer, Port Harcourt University Human Physiological Students Association (2007/2008)

He has received the following Honors in the past for exemplary leadership and Personal Corporate Social Responsibility:
·        Most Active LOC Member, COOUMSA Health Week   (2016)
·        Nominee, Ten Outstanding Youth Persons in Nigeria, Junior Chambers International, Nigeria (2012)           
·        JCI Nigeria Councilor of The Noble House, Junior Chamber International, Nigeria (2012)NYSC State Governors Honours Award, Akwa Ibom State (2012)
·        Award of Excellence, NYSC Akwa Ibom State Peer Education Trainers (2012) and so many others.

He is fondly called Dr. Church by friends and peers. He loves Swimming, Indoor Games Activities, Reading, Travelling and engaging in Volunteer Community Development Services.

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