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11 July 2017

The Truth Times With TrendyVoice

It's Truth Times with #TrendyVoice.
Let's play a truth game this time around.

Here is how it goes:
I'll tell you 30truths about myself and as well nominate three friends of mine that will tell us 30truths about their self on any of their social media platform with hashtaged #TruthTimesWithTrendyVoice and invite their three friends each who will answer the same questions.

Am nominating Lex of lexhansplace
Abigail Chinazaekpere

Gideon of Gidokblog

Here Is The 30 Truths About Me:
1. Last drink: Water
2. Last Phone call: Mum
3.Last Kiss: I can't remember
4.Last song you listened to: Jidenna - Bambi
5.Last time you cried: can't remember
7.Been cheated on: yep, was heartbrokened
8.Kissed someone and regretted
it?: yup
9.Lost someone special?: Nop
10. Been Depressed?: yes alot..
11.Favourite colour?: Blue
12. Fallen out of love?: yea
13. Laughed until you cried?: lol.. Yea
14. Found out who your true friends
were?: Yes..
15.Found out someone was gossiping about you ?: yea, was very disappointed
16. Kissed anyone on your Top
Friends list?: Yes!
17. How many kids do you want to
have?: 4
18.Do you have any pets?: no
19. Do you want to change your
name?: not at all
20.What time did you wake up
today?: 3:30am
21. What we're you doing at midnight? Blogging
22. Name one thing you cannot wait for? To graduate from the University
23. Last time you saw your Parents?: Last weekend
24. Do You Smoke? No
25. Do You Take Alcohol? Not always...
26. When Last did you had sex? About six months now...
27. How are you Single or Married? Am not single and am not married
28. Are you dating? Yes
29. How old is your relationship? 6 months now
30.  What Your favorite food? breadfruit (Ukwa i.e in my native language)

Now let's hear from you.

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