Please Nigerians, it's 'Brisket' bone and not 'Biscuit' bone TrendyVoice

12 July 2017

Please Nigerians, it's 'Brisket' bone and not 'Biscuit' bone

This has been trending online for a while now in Nigeria and the argument is whether the soft bony-like part of the is called "brisket bone" or "biscuit bone". But really there is no such like "biscuit bone", I mean I haven't seen a biscuit type of bone if I should put it that way.

This is a modern world,  let's google it and you'll find a description in Wikipedia that say:

"Brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of beef or veal".

The terminology "biscuit bone" is used sometimes in
a medical condition where the subject is highly prone to injury in even the lightest of physical activities. This is probably due to having bones that are brittle like biscuits ; hence the term.

These mistakes are normally made during childhood due to lack of knowledge but the real name is "brisket bone". Please Nigerians,  let's not confuse ourselves.

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