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17 July 2017

Anambra Rice - The Statistics Before Obiano, Now and the Future

1. Anambra State consumes 320,000 metric tons of Rice every year;

2. Before Gov Obiano in 2014, Rice Farmers in Anambra produced only 80,000 metric tons per year;

3. By early 2017, within 3 years of Gov Obiano's administration, Farmers started producing 290,000 metric tons in Anambra;

4. With the new JOSAN Integrated Rice Farm and Mill in Ufuma at full operation, Anambra State is producing 400,000 metric tons;

5. Yet, Anambra State Government targets to produce 513,000 metric tons by the end of 2017;

6. So, before next year, Anambra will be having self grown and milled Rice in surplus of over 93,000 metric tons;

7. Thus, in 2018, Anambra Rice will readily and officially be exported to other States in Nigeria and beyond.

 *Note that:*

Self sufficiency isn't when everyone has it at home because some "unpatriotic" persons may still prefer the imported brands to our Rice Brands

So, self sufficiency is when the quantity of Rice produced by us is more than the quantity we consume.

 This is the Power of Vision.

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