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6 July 2017

7 continents, 1 Africa yet who cares?

Who cares?
No one...
The world...
Oh what a world?
Full of darkness,
And fear...
Liars are now priests,
And greedy-men -
Are treasurers,
The honest is not recognize,
Good is now evil,
And evil, good...
Fresh vegetables-
Are no more in the market,
The best on sale are rotten,
Glasses are now diamonds,
Oh doom...
Is now the groom,
Brass has turn to gold,
And gold has lost it value,
Everyone runs after darkness,
And the light is-
Now an enemy,
Oh where is the-

The world is drowning,
And no one cares...
Who can see beyond?
The seers see no more,
Where are the wise men?
They are no more...
Oh no more advisers,
Old men and women-
Can not be found,
Everyone thinks like a baby,
Oh the world...
Your world...
My world...
Our world...
A broom is sweeping-
Us into doom.

       photo credit: @Goziearts

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