University Of Osun student brags about raping a girl on Facebook, says he enjoyed it TrendyVoice

28 April 2017

University Of Osun student brags about raping a girl on Facebook, says he enjoyed it

Uniosun student brags

A Nigerian Facebook User, Sheyi Sheyor who studies at the Osun State University, Osogbo has taken to his Facebook page to brag about raping a girl.
He revealed the victim in question thought he was a nice person, not until they were together alone in a room, and he raped her. He wrote: “She thought am nice. Not until I raped her. Odun odun o lanrinrin” (Odun Odun means, it was sweet).
Uniosun student brags

His posts has been met with mixed reactions..

Uniosun student brags

A comment reads: Social media has unleashed and exposed a lot of deranged homo sapiens…FYI Rape is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE which you have just admitted to Folake Oyetosho….I am too aghast and upset to engage this moron… Were you to be in saner climes you will be in your way to languishing in prison
Another comment read: You are such a mad and stupid boy for writing this. You think you can come on Facebook and spew rubbish? Irresponsible idiot
Another comment reads: The bad thing is the idiot might take it down but people screenshot it please. Enough screenshots will make him think twice before posting nonsense next time.
Another comment: What nonsense is this? Are you in your correct senses? You are boasting about raping a girl? And you think it’s one big joke.
Some comments we screenshotted:

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