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7 April 2017

The Issue with My Nation-Nigeria: By Aggrey Justice

God has created us with several gifts and talents,, but some factions of individuals decided over night to recreate themselves, just because of nothing!
Coming down to the state of my nation, Nigeria, I see an openly recreated nation by some cabals who are hardhardened to the pulling down of this house called Nigeria!
God forbid!

What we see in this country today does not look like a blip,what I behold is permanent??
how can singly minded political bedfellows hold our country to the ground thereby limiting our power of development and greatness all because, they want to enrich themselves and render the country may be permanently useless and underdeveloped still. Just some days back the words unmanageable petroleum Minister, Mr Kachikwu or whatever he is been called, "Fuel pump price will continue to increase, till next month "He said as paraphrased .
This words came out from the mouth of the Nigerian petroleum Minister, who calls himself a leader.
The problem with this nation Nigeria is not beyond us as some disillusioned and ignorant persons think ;the problems bedevilling our nationhood is not far fetched, all the open ways of getting to the archives of the issues holding us down are real and attainable.


The issue with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership.There is nothing basically wrong with the Nigerian character. There is nothing wrong with the Nigerian land or climate or water or air or anything else. The Nigerian problem is the unwillingness or inability of its leaders to rise to the responsibility, to the challenge of personal example which are the hallmarks of true leadership.
The bane of Nigeria's current predicament is the unpreparedness of Nigerian past and current so-called leaders who are totally bent with the zeal to dry-milk Nigeria to nothingness.
The incompetence among few leaders of Nigeria is highly becoming unbearably unbecoming,obviously calling for immediate attention of leadership solutions.
The current issues facing us eye ball to eye ball is pitiable occasioned by the shaky and licking hands of present administrators,it is high time we stood against injustice and political callousness upon callousness!
The square pegs in a round hole in Nigeria are abound all came to be leaders, and that is the original issue we see in this country. How can a nation allow a man who is totally out of leadership age to lead them to their destiny?
A blind eye leading citizens who are not blind....???
This is appalling and lamentable in a time like this.
I refuse vehemently to be among those who Will be on seat and see the liquidation of the British Empire(Nigeria).
God forbid!

Leadership has age, that is why in the Constitutional books of our nation Nigeria, some sections of Acts talked about age bracket before one could be allowed to head and be at any helm of affairs in this country, but what do we see, Serenity in Leadership and Elitism of governance!
I strongly believe that Nigeria will some day come to the fullest knowledge of what civilization is all about, because what we see now as civilization is not but 'Political Muscles against Muscles '.I know enough history to realise that civilization does not fall down from the sky; it has always been the result of people's toil and sweat, the fruit of their long search for order and justice under brave and enlightened leaders.

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But in Nigeria the reverse is now the question begging an answer.
How many a leader in this country are ready and willing to pursue a good course, for the betterment of our everyday nascent economy and democracy at large?
Until this questions are being answered as expected, Nigeria remains insecured .
Nigerians are what they are today because their leaders are not what they should be.
The economy is now bedridden and critically in a coma, and non is ready to rescue her! The Nigerian economy is insalubriously zero and nothing to write home about in the Comity Of Nations.
Our fuel pump price keep increasing minutely and non of the leaders not even the ministers of petroleum are ready to curb this madness and man inhumanity to man melted against the poor citizens.

Look at our collapsing public utilities, our inefficient and wasteful parastatals and state-owned companies. If you want electricity, you buy your own generator,and be ready and buoyant enough to own your self an oil well;if you want water, you sink your own borehole; if you want to travel,you set up your own airline. One-day soon, said a friend of mine, you will have to build your own post office to send your own letters!
This is the state of my Nation today.
The change they seek can never be caught by them until they renew their devilish minds, turning a new leaf, all for the flourishing and glory of her Nation -Nigeria. This contract between the government and the citizenry that has been flagrantly abused and breached, until returned to status quo ante, no movement for Nigeria!!
I am Aggrey Justice,trying to make #ProperSense.

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