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5 April 2017

HUNGER by Lord eBay (@eBayism)

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Everything in life requires external support in order to be useful; rain needs sun to form and fall, earth needs humus to grow plants, farmers need tools, plants need water, industries need raw materials, electric gadgets need power, generators need fuel, animals need food, etc. Now let's look at humans too, what do we need that tower above all other needs? Food and water. Water is easy to find. You can dig the earth and find water. You can jump into a river and drink as much as your stomach can take, but unlike water, food is not that easy to find. You can't just dig the earth and find food which wouldn't finish, like water in a borehole or well. So, no social position in human society places any human above food; food is the source of our energy; food is the conductor of our metabolism.
Have you ever been genuinely hungry in your life? No, I'm not talking about that hunger you feel when you have food in your kitchen but just feels too tired to cook; I'm talking about that hunger which forces you outside of your house in search of mango trees or any other fruit tree you can find so just that you could eat and not die. When you get so hungry you place a gallon of palm oil you've found to your mouth and gulp endlessly as if it's apple juice or Coca Cola. You get so hungry you beg for food from your enemies without shame. You get so hungry cassava flakes (gari) seems like paradise food to you. You get so hungry onion bulbs taste like honey in your mouth. You get so hungry thoughts of stealing comes easily to your mind. Brother, you get so hungry it becomes impossible to think about anything but food. Such is the quiet reality around here. Go to all those rural areas and filthy realities will breathe down your neck. We're suffering in this country like we were the ones who killed Jesus Christ I tell you, sincerely. I'm not imagining it, I'm witnessing it and it's not getting better. People enter houses around here through the ceiling and wouldn't touch anything but the foodstuffs. Your laptop and phones are safe but just the food. They'll empty your soup pot and lick it so clean you wouldn't need to wash it before using it next time you're to cook. As if the hunger is not enough, there's so much heat it becomes impossible not to get easily angry and generally incapable of creative thoughts. People can't afford to even buy anything above hand fans. If you buy ceiling or table fans, how will you use it when light is just five minutes in a week anyway? How do you expect children to develop passion for technological activities when all they think about is food?

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One of my friends in Lagos complained about police harassment to me today; that they asked him to come down from his car to board their van without committing any offence. He wanted me to say bad things about them to console him but I didn't, because really, is it entirely their fault that they love to collect bribes? They're just hungry individuals begging for alms in artistic manners, that's all. They're our friends!

There was a friend whose shop was robbed by his apprentices, so we reported to the police and they found the boys for us after we had handsomely fuelled their vehicles. So we went to the Station to meet the culprits' families. And it happened that I bought a seasonal film, I think The Walking Dead (Season 7) on the way, so after everything, a police officer approached me and said he's going to seize the film from me because it's a pirated copy. So I asked him, "There's a guy out there, just outside your fence selling a lot of them, why can't you go and arrest him?" At the end, he said I should give him, that he'd like to see the film. I refused, telling him it's Season 7 and he can't understand the story. So he said I should give him money to go and buy his own, and again, I refused. I said I don't have money. Then he went away for few minutes and came back to tell me that he's not going to allow me to leave the Station with my phone, that it's a stolen phone and unless I can provide its receipt, I should just forget about the phone. It couldn't be any funnier, when others joined and the kind of grammar that was loudly coming from my mouth was beyond their curriculum, they got scared of who I might be and after a bit of mouth to ear and the guy I followed came out, the officers started laughing and said the guy was only pulling my legs. I knew he wasn't, but I couldn't blame him still, he was just being honest to his nature; hungry fellow.

Imagine if you keep five monkeys in a cage, unfed for one month, and after the long starvation, you take them to a banana plantation, make one the president, the others governor, senator, minister and the police, and you tell them individual is entitled to three pieces of banana a day, and they mustn't take beyond that as the plantation belongs to the entire population. What happens when you leave them alone? They cut bunches of banana down endlessly, hide them in soak-aways, ceilings and overseas. They eat so much their bellies protrude. And when they hear that you're returning to check on their progress, my brother, they'll dig a grave for you; you must die so that they can concentrate on their looting. Do you now understand how politics works in this country?
If anything would work at all, food must cease to be people's major problem. When hunger is too popular in a country, stealing becomes a part of their culture. We must invest in agriculture and harvest in a quantity so huge food becomes something we don't live for. We must live to find cure for cancer. We must live to build world tallest buildings, underground roads/rail tracks, world class hospitals, new electromagnetic gadgets, machines, and medicines. We must live to add to the contents of textbooks we use in schools. We must live to explore, create, build, improve and solve, not just to eat, watch football, have sex, drink alcohol, party, sag pants, show boobs, sing hip hop, have sex again, watch football again, eat again, then sleep, wake, complain, sleep again, wake again, complain again, eat, eat, eat, eat, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, dance, club, complain, blame your failures or misfortunes on others, consume, never produce but only consume, eat, have sex again, and then pray before sleeping that God should come down and solve your problems. I can't be part of that, I'm sorry, I can't live like that.

Hunger can't thwart my destiny, no, I won't allow it. This country won't change me from being purposeful to being purposeless; I will rather change the country from being purposeless to being purposeful. If I do not leave this world better than I met it, then what's the essence that I was ever born? Where's the heaven I want to go if there's such thing as heaven anyway? You lived to complain, then died and expect to go to paradise? You're going to hell, my friend. Whatever problem this country has, we're all here to solve it, not just endure and live like hungry monkeys on a banana plantation. I'm a creative being, so are you and you know it, so what's the problem? Don't say we need divine intervention, there's corruption even in the church nowadays; we're God's tools ourselves, no other intervention is required again. C'mon, let's get to work right away. I know you have your doubts, you believe we're too financially poor to save our country from the wrath of those rich pot-bellies, but I tell you, they ain't shit when we face them; in number, we're more than them. They own the TV Stations; we own the internet. And guess what, the world patronizes the internet more than TV Stations. When we fight violently, they'll use the army, but what if we fought their violence with intellectualism, what happens then? I ain't gonna let poverty rule my life; I will rule my own destiny. I ain't gonna let my level of success in life be at the mercy of some bastards' politics. We must save this country; we must secure our children's future and restore our fathers' hopes. I am ready to fight in this war, and so must you, it's why we're born.
-Lord eBay (and his random ruminations, 2017)
eBayism School of Thought

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