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5 April 2017

AFRICA - Our Culture Is Lost

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor map of africa wilderness

Poverty has swallowed
Africa to the marrow
The richest continent in resources
Is the breathing grown of chaoses
Loving one another
As brothers
Was brought by westerners
They called it Christianity
And for like eternity
Have been deceivers
And believers
Are unbelievers

While others have enough for glutining
Others have totally nothing
While some are at the gym
Trying to loose weight
Others are skeletons
Looking like drying bait
Africa isn't poor, it's just infested with greedy politicians
And demoralising musicians
Our culture is lost
Every rich pocket is full of lust
Fathers who are to educate
Are those who take
16 years olds to hotels
And drag their souls down with them to hell
Mothers who are supposed advice their daughters
And give them morals

Instead asked them to get some rich guy who can pay their bill
So all they will do is chill
This children deserve as much as you'll
If it's not slavery
It's favoritism
If it's not tribalism
Is corruption and bribery
The place that is supposed to be the promise land
Is a living hell.

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