2 March 2017


I'm leaving.
A plain man cannot stand against the ploys of a tyrant and witches, who if they swallow their displeasure now, will yet nurse affront till they have wreaked it. I refuse to be trapped by my birth and circumstances of limitations my society incurs, I need a future where I control my own fate.
I've sat long enough, tamely under my loss, picking my life pieces from the field of adversity where my paternal demise has scattered it, and who will tell me it's a wrong decision to leave behind friends in the unholy squalor and proceed through the elements to be remade? I sat in the circle of dancing flames, and the worlds were invoked to celebrate my reborn. Emperors and empresses, kings and queens, dukes and duchesses, prince and princesses, an eye in a blue face met an eye in a green face, and all bowed to Libra, the Scales of justice. Run they told me if foes pursue, for they must think you are what you were, but if you decide to face them steeped in hate, insolence and lust of power, to whomever you may come shall also rue your coming.
Albeit I see world differently. Life is more than owning ten cars, you become respected but your respect follows you to the grave and leave your name with little values and strength to survive time. Life is more than the number of houses you built or the price of gold you wear, D'Banj wears gold, Mahatma Gandhi wore none, whose name does everybody know when you tour the world? Being the richest man cannot bring as much happiness as one might have fantasized, ask Dangote, he knows the story.
The greatest source of happiness is love of humanity, honesty and bringing out the best in people. You sleep on bed at night and feel so contented when you imagine how many faces smiles have crossed at your behest. All I want is travel the world with my wife and friends by my side, help people, solve problems, walk in the rain and let go of the umbrella, live to spread peace rather than avenge the ills done to me, make friends rather than fan a feud. Life is about more than slaying who killed my father in his lair, life is about more than living in bitterness. Their corruption and hubrid may be unbridled, cure is what we should make and not like them skulk in the shadows. If you sit on the moon and look unto the earth, all you'll see is green and blue, no red. As numerous as people are, no one will be in sight, too small to be seen.
The great men who built houses with pure gold, and those who slit virgins' throats for entertainment, you would look to see their tall big houses and you'll not see anything, too small to be seen, pitiable it is, trust me, I was there.You do not need to steal to be rich. You do not need to lie to command respect. Polish your deeds, oil your mind, watch your words, help a person a day and keep the doctor away, open your hand, give to the needies in your little capacity, what goes around magically comes around.
 It is also wise to dream beyond your country, ask questions, read books, listen to everything that has mouth and has none, step away from the game, look at it from distance and you'll understand it and thus win. Think, dream, imagine, the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. Poverty is an abomination, refuse to be poor, but money, be aware, is not the only thing that makes a man rich.Find me that girl with a scar on her forehead and let her smile to my face. Find me my mother and let me be sure she's very happy and healthy. Find me my siblings and let me see them fulfilling their productive destinies. Find me my friends and let me see them making exploits. Show me my country and let me see that corruption has finally melted down with no hope of rising again. Type me name on Google and let me see me described as a man who did not come and leave like a snake that left no track on a rocky path.
And what else? If death comes then, I'll gladly move on. Every man must someday be laid in the dust, and insects shall take back all we took from their soil to grow.
At one time or the other in our lives, mostly on deathbeds, nobody will have to tell us before we'll know whether we've just wandered through life without impacting or lived for purposes greater than ourselves.
Excuse me, I want to pee.
© Lord eBay (2015)eBayism School of Thought

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