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5 February 2017

What The Future Holds: Let's Know Your Opinion

What The Future Holds.

What the future holds from my own opinion can only be decided by God..
To have it all work you are meant to wrap it up with Guts..
Just like a mission game, you have to put it all you've got..
What the future holds is simply the seconds you are reading this..
Use it up well and you'll be among the positive list..

The next minute is the future you've long waited for..
And tomorrow is that next year you've been hoping on. I've come to realise that what the future holds is what you do in the next minute. Use it judiciously and your success will have no limits..

What the future holds is your decisions today.
Wrap it up with prayers.

Now...let's hear from you..
What does the future hold?

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