A Letter To My Children TrendyVoice

4 February 2017

A Letter To My Children

Who will speak for the speechless when their
heart is saturated with torment
of their voiceless thoughts?
Who will weep for the tearless when their heart is
saturated with grieve of their kin's-men

Who will fight for the harmless when their heart is
saturated with pictures of their numerous scars
earned from the strive for necessity?
Who will clamour for the voiceless when
majority's fate becomes a tool
In the hands of amateurs?
Who will plead for the helpless when their rights
become privileges in the hands for their so called

This is A Letter To My Children. I know we can't
change the past but the future is in our hands. It
is we who should come along when they cry for
help, it is you and I.
Sometimes I ask myself why do I even bother but
I have to. It happens that sometimes you'll give
everything but it ends up not enough, not enough
to measure up but this ain't the end of the road,
we ain't too far to come back to justice where
the poor gets equal human right as the rich, to a
stage where we don't have to be so cruel even to
Hollup! Listen! my children.
Education is the way forward through which your
voices can be heard like this # TrendyVoice of
mine. When you come to this world seek
education for it is the easiest way to make
money. Let your voices be heard from the edges
of your bedroom to the world at large.

Those hearts once devoured of conscience, soon
we are going to celebrate.
Driving along this desolate road
with seemingly no end in sight, no sight of any
other car..only darkness, not even a light.
Driving along, on this here road..the end is near
only if we can unite our voices, only if we can tap
from the positive aspect of social medias and
stop the every time "selfies", only if we can
encourage the art of writing, start creating
legacies rather than living on another man's.
If only we can do all we can do only then can we
bring back those simple time. Doing all we can do
to eradicate illiteracy and putting a stop to act of
being ruled by such people is enough.

To my children, it is not the big but the most
slightest thing that draws us back in life..
To my children, whatever you do today will be
used against you tomorrow..
To my children, never neglect anyone..
To my children, always smile and be positive and
rap them all up with prayers.

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