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10 December 2016

The Reason Why Am Scared

The sound of drizzling rain
slowly falling onto the ground
Its earthy smell and soft touch
penetrates my senses and conjures
a myriad of endearing thoughts
this early cold December nights.

These days I'm so scared to sleep
Scared it might go too deep
Scared of the after life
Scared of dying without living my dream
Going without seeing my future kids
I force open my eyelids
I'm scared I may hurt my few love ones
I have to be that one of their sons
That will make them smile
I never want to see them cry.
I'm so scared to sleep

For it might get too deep
What a waits me, heaven or hell
I can't tell
How does death looks like ?
Is he/she like Mathew, Mary or mike ?
I just don't want to sleep
It might go too deep.

I walk through my thoughts trying to fix things
But I can't cease to think
Will I die without living my dream
My frustration begins to scream
I rise from bed
And bow my head
I say to myself, don't sleep
You might go too deep
Until I fell asleep
And woke up in the morning
Now am still struggling.

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