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16 September 2016

We Are Who We Are

If they ask who we are
Say we are humans
That see what you see
And feel as you do
Say we have tears and fears
As you do too
We are not too big to say sorry
Nor too little to recieve an apology
We are part of the world
And the world is part of us
We are not inconspicious
Even if we are unknown
We are not unconscious
To the happenings in our zone
We are not bound
By rules or by chains
Yet we are in bondage
We hope to leave a mark
Where others left blank
We hope to live here
Not just exist and leave
For the difference is clear
We build castles in the air
And climb Everest in our beds
When reality is really un-nice
And we need to fly
We have worked in vain
And have had the pains and gains
Which life itself holds
We have seen when it pays to be bold
And when it's better being the shy type
Than place our life on the line
If they ask who we are

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