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13 September 2016

Torn Apart

You leave me hanging like a cloth on the line
My soul lingers like a candle flame going out
My heart ponders, but if you reached out the
experience would be sublime
There you again, giving me your back as my soul
Am lighting struck as my body stutters like a deer in
My fingers crackle, but if you turned the pain the you
would behold in my eyes
Do I call you... Or do I let you leave
Last time this happened I hesitated for I was the one
at fault
But if you voiced your feelings we would make up,
and see another day
My skin is in shackles as every time this happens
It leaves me feeling like you're settling a squabble
Your quarrel is not with me, but standards are the
same if not humanity would tesselate
Where do I look, I mean now that you are gone
Do I call you on the phone or do I just cry inside
Don't let my actions fool you for this right here, Is
beyond my bearing
I am not fine, for my inspiration just left
Cannot tell you to stay
Cannot tell you to go either
Instead of helping me right my wrongs you give me
your back
But do you know that I am willing to make this work,
Just take my hand and I'll forget all you did to me.

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