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13 September 2016

The Treasure

I've learned to live without the treasure
Before the common thought that was just me being
under pressure
Now the thought of being freed from the possessive
thinking gives me pleasure

The love I gave to the treasure is full of solid texture
Going back to my life's scripture
The treasure produced elements of happiness
It brought back my sassiness
And strikes away all the products of sadness
I learned to hold and never let go
When it was time to let go

I died and woke up in a new world
A world far away not even my imaginations has
It felt like a cursed destiny
I was a numb being
Who acted according to what sound would lead me to
Who reacted neutral to what strangers did

Even aliens had a laugh for the first time
Treasures of life
Are not to be measured lite
It came a point and time became limited
It was survival of the fittest

I had to re - adapt
I went for a simple hunt
Looking for mysterious answers
With my vague questions
I then met the old treasure
With curiosity I tried to open that box
My persistence paid off and it ringed a bell

Oh this is my treasure
The one I had to lose
The one I had to let go and endure the torments of
With reminiscences
It clicked
The key to the treasure is in my heart
With deep emotions I opened
And then normality ran back to me
After all a life I deserve

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