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26 September 2016

[Story]: The Mythical Love - Episode 1

The gap between love and hate is a thin line as the size of a hair follicle, just in a twinkle of an eye love can turn to hate and hate to love. Most times the love we give were not returned so is the love we get. We always find ourselves loving those that doesn't have any atom of love for us and not loving the other that cares and loves us whole heartedly.

It was around 11pm on a friday night when we started combing from Rita Lori Hotel to Ikenga Girls, Ijesha Surulere in Henry's ash coloured Nissan Quest 1998 Model for a sweet, nice figured, pretty damsel that will be of help to us and we of help to her through the lonely times of the night. Henry ab initio has been a very good friend and brother of mine who for a long time now has been hustling in lagos since we left polytechnic after our National Diploma (N.D) and was only able to own a Nissan Quest, 1998 Model. Me on the other hand just joined him few weeks ago from Egbele, Uromi in Edo state where I was teaching Computer Science in a private owned secondary school until the school was folded by the government cos of cultism, witchcraft and notorious behaviours of the students, you might have come across those behaviours if you have lived around Edo, Warri or River State . Me and Henry were both from the same kindred in Okpuno, Awka in Anambra state. Being a typical Igbo man I had to survive, in fact i must survive no matter what happens cos that has been our culture, a typical Igbo man's culture, so i travelled to lagos to stay with Henry while I hoped to find another job soon.

I had started feeling sore about the whole adventure when I requested that we should go back since we didn't find anyone along the Surulere areas we had just combed across, he looked at me with that kind of "you must be joking" eyes as he pleaded,

"Val abeg make we try one more place"

Asking him which place would be pure stupidity as he has already started heading to Peoples Club Near Randle Ijaye, i shrugged, rested my back on the car seat and gulped from the table water we bought earlier from a shop along Ijesha as he drove. On reaching Peoples Club was this black ebony tall fine girl with her body built like that of Nicki Minaj's in a skimpy pink classic short sleeve gown that makes her thighs and breasts look "papi...come get me!" Coupled with a 6inch heel, 1 3/4 inch Glitter Filled PF
Ankle Strap Sandal of light pink colour with her hand bag of the same, waiting patiently at the side of the road for any rich folk that would drop by and say,
'How now? How e go be? Would you follow me home? Make we waka nah!'

Just in front of her Henry matched the break and there she stood just near the shotgun which I was riding. Henry flagged her to the drivers side with his right hand and I watched her cat-walked to answer Henry but my gooshhh!! The way her waist moves, i bet its only few men like myself could withstand the temptation and not so long she reached Henry's side and so their conversation began.

"Hello pretty, how are you doing?"
"Am pretty cool"
"I can only hope you are going my way"
"That's if you can pay the price"
"What's ya price for all night?"
"I'll manage 10k"
"I'll give ya 5, deal?"
"Aiit, deal" the girl replied.

Hop in let's go then was the last word Henry said as he directs her to opens the back door right at his back.
They talked as long as he drives back home when Henry asked her about her name and she said its Amanda that's when Henry introduce me to her,

"Okay Amanda, this is Valentine my brother and my friend"

We exchanged pleasantries cracked some jokes, and I teased her on how beautiful she is. Am always good at that, in fact I love teasing ladies of how beautiful they are even when I know the person in question is so damn ugly. You know almost all ladies loves to hear how beautiful they are, so I always let them hear what they wanna hear.
Truly, i once also had the thoughts of an escapade with a girl that faithful night but i was way too weak and dizzy to lay with a whore as of the time we got to Amanda. I didn't want to waste my hard earned money just like that on a whore I know I wouldn't exploit much cos I knew with the level of dizziness on me that night i wouldn't last a minute on bed with any girl, my performance will surely be like that of a cock and hen "youknowimean?" So I laid low and gulped my water once more, plugged my earphone, played a song on my playlist and singed along,

"I saw you walking
Down on Melrose
You looked like an angel
Straight out of heaven, girl
I was blown away by
Your sexiness
All I have to do is catch up to you
Slow down I just wanna get to know you
But don't turn around
Cuz that pretty round thing looks good to me
Slow down never seen anything so lovely
Now turn around
And bless me with your beauty, cutie
A butterfly tattoo
Right above your navel
Your belly button's pierced too just like I like it girl
Come take a walk with me
You'll be impressed by
The game that I kick to you
It's over and for reeaal..."

That was Bobby Valentino's debut single "Slow Down" from the American's first self-titled album Bobby Valentino. The track spent four consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Apparently, that was what I sang along as we headed home that night.

A lot happened as we got home that night but ama cut the light here, will tell you more in the next episode so stay tuned.

*to be continued*...

Written By Valstinger
Twitter: @Valstinger
FB: m.facebook.com/valstinger

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