24 September 2016


Seeing through the tinted glass of the entry lo and
behold was who I least expected to ever see
Vera,Vera happens to be my girlfriend that
graduated when I was in 200levels her hair was a rich
shade of mahagony. It flowed in
waves to adorn her glowing, porcelain-like skin. Her
eyes, framed by long lashes, were a bright, emerald-
green and seemed to brighten the world. A straight
nose, full lips - she portrays the image of
perfection,dressed in an Alexandra McQueen short
black gown that exposed the front of her hairless laps
Vera was a beauty to behold and just to remind you
she was the girl that thought me clubbing on campus
seeing her was not really a shock rather a bit relieve
of curiosity and boredom,beauty say they attracts
men but character keeps them, Vera was very cool to
be with but she is a lazy type and worst is that she is
self-centered,can't forget in a hurry the Friday I used
my GTB account to receive £250 from her uncle in UK
which was about 87,500 in our local currency then
when I came back from the bank that afternoon I
gave her 87k expecting 7 or 10k from her,baby thank
you, you are such a darling, you know I once told
about the The Samsung Galaxy s4(then its was still
trending) and the Peruvian hair that I will wear to
Cynthia's birthday on sunday I stood speechless
looking at the girl that was not ignorant of my weak
financial status that very period but who is thinking
about that one again even though it was it was
among the 2rd factors that scared me away from her
I was overwhelmed looking at the figure gazing at me
with her eyes opened in shock, she made way
straight to my spot hugged with the two organs on
the front of a woman's chest, which contain the
mammary glands; resting on my chest for like 8sec
and I got the signal because am that kinda bad sharp
Nigga,so i gas coordinate else I fall my hands still
surprised OMG! Mr olakemi look at you,and what on
earth are doing here?waiting for a date i guess?how
does she know? You are joking right? You seems to
have forgotten too soon that today is starduary and I
don't joke with English premier league not to talk
about when its Chelsea playing,and you are telling
me you left all the viewing centers in your area down
here just to a see a match,I tried pushing hard she
just saved herself the stress of argument composed
as if she agreed with my presentation but I knew she
is just being matured giving the fact that it has been
a while we both saw.come on relax its been a while
you know?since you gra.....pardon my manners what
will they serve you?hoping she says nothing that she
is cool but trust me Vera is not that type that says
no,she belongs to the extravagant's class ehmmm
Margarita will do for now,I waved the sommelier and
requested margarita,by then it was clare to me that
dallying for folake is almost a snowball's chance in
hell quickly I raised a conversation,you said you
doing what in Enugu? Came to complete my
clearance before the nysc list will composed I want to
move with the first batch,alright its not a bad
idea,me: when did you came in?
Vera:not long before you saw me,the plans was to
hang around here and contact my little niece chinwe
told her will be coming this weekend.
Me:wow!like we arranged it,
Vera: arranged what?
Me:you see God has His ways of making old folks
Vera:you not serious but can't still Denny the fact it
puts me in an enthusiastic state seeing you.By then
the devil in me was triggered,I have to sort out a way
to lure her home indirectly, looking at the time it was
7:54 the match has also ended Chelsea beating
Everton 6:3 babe lets sign outta here maybe find
some thing to eat,show you my new place then if
there is still time take you to your niece's place is
that okay? She nods in agreement.I stood up offered
my left hand to assist her stand,you know that kinda
gentleman's gesture,we adjusted to the headwaiter's
spot though I was with cash I wanted to showoff
getting their I inserted my MasterCard into the POS
inputs my pin in less than 5sec my phone beeped its
was it was a 7,550 Naira debit alert,in same manner
we progressed to exit door outside I stopped a cab
and told him Packa's continental fast food there she
took jollofrice,salad and chicken I took normal white
rice stew and beef when we done it was almost 10pm
vera: pablo am considering passing the night at your
place the tomorrow we both go see my niece with
excitement I said superb getting cabs at the street of
Enugu will never be an issue we are still standing by
the road side and a taxi dropped by, chairman where
yhu dey go,you know kings heart lodge?enta!enta!
Nah 800 ooo, me: for where?I go pay 500 haba
guyman oya enta sharp sharp! At the entrance of my
lodge you can tell there is light,just few people were
outside all you can see through the windows are
colorful lights reflections from television sets musics
playing on low volume because our rule says once is
a minute past 9pm no loud musics from any room
2rd floor was my room i reached for my key opened
the iron door switched on the blue energy saving
bulb my room was a conducive, vera still standing
what a cool and nice place you have here,am glad
you like it was about changing when she said ladies
first when was last time you served me! I would love
to take my bath get me something I will wear
thereafter,cutie i will help you change and bath if
truly you want me serve you,gosh! this spoilt brat
can you ever quit being naughty? I stepped closer to
her placing my right hand on her chick gently baby
you know I have always enjoyed getting naughty
with you, immediately like an English dog jumping
on a thief she jumped on me with her two legs
wrapped on my waist her hands round my neck have
always missed you..I wanted to say really! I heard
shhhhh in a the softest tune ever she planted a deep
kiss which I responded deeply still carrying her, my
left hand massaging her butts the other hand
caressing her back gallivanting up and down till it
found the zip of gown slowly I unzipped it,like a
movie she was loosing my buttons I was hard as rock
my d**k was oozing fire I can't stand it any longer
and was still not going to let go soon sure I really
need to cum, I let my belt loose my Jean dropped I
flied my cap in the air letting her half way unclad I
tried to find her spot shit! It was damped introducing
my finger she gasped,I let her come down then make
her hold my reading table I slide down her pink lace
panties to expose each of the two large fleshy halves
of the posterior part of her body between the base of
the back, the perineum and the top of the legs. I
spanked it quickly I introduced my weapon and she
let's out a soft morn at first slowly I was pounding
then bit by bit the tempo increased as sounds she
was making filled the room in 7mins I was getting
there bea where did you want it?cum inside me
baby!ahhhh my load filled her I pulled out and smiled
can I bath now? ofcos she went total nude I gave her
towel and a shower cap, I always keep some female
stuffs at home for days like this following her to the
bathroom i turned the konb of the shower and mild
cool water starts dripping I bathed her well and she
helped me too as she was rolling the towel round her
waist I got hard on without permission i dragged her
close lifting up one of her leg I was into her in a
blinking of an eye,banging with strength without
Cum we walked to the bed and she rode me to climax
and we got exhausted I put on my boxers short and
handed her my extra large T-shirt to put on would
you like some water never mind dear replied she,we
both slept calmly till 8am when I tapped her to wake
and dress up I rush down a get a new toothbrush for
her that morning she took Lipton and milk with two
slice of bread before she finally announced her
departure quickly I tidy up she called her niece
chinwe send your me your location am around. The
description she sent was a bit far but we were able to
locate it within 45mins we get at the immaculate
hostel it was well secured and were held and
interrogated at the till she called chinwe to come pick
us she was like am dressing up but I will send my
friend to come pick you....in 3mins time an elegant
voice sounded are you Vera chinwe's......yea yea!as I
lifted my face off the phone I was pressing guess who
was standing in front of me?
*to be continued*


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