22 September 2016


Story By Pablojay

As he lay on his 16inches bed cuddling the pillow as
if it was his girlfriend though he thought it was
folake,sleep couldn't come that easy goddamn it he
was so walked up like that moment Barcelona is the
last game holding your 239k merrybet ticket and
they are beating Celtic 6:0 at 89mins God knows you
need a paramedic to try make you sleep that night
because you will play musics,wash plates and
clothes, sweep and tidy your room then to your
greatest surprise when check the time its still
2:41am you even try making night calls but will be
shocked that none of your friends will pick not until
you try playing candy crush on your phone that you
will wake up and find the so much anticipated day
moving fast and that's almost what happened to
kemi just that he didn't wash rather his mind would
have preferred washing than the work it did under a
couple of hours.kemi in his poor mind was
thinking,she must have seen the text and probably
most have read it by now,how will she feel?will she
even come to the cocktail bar? Was the last thing i
remembered before a heavy bang landed on my door
first it was like a dream and the bang came again
this time in a more aggressive manner kemi come on
let's go and play ball gosh! it was Jude my silly lodge
mate.Jude am coming was what came out of my
heavy mouth and it was then it came to reality that
its few mins past 9am Saturday morning,i stood up
did my normal press up my homie zuky always
advice I do that every morning before anything then
to the birthroom there I brushed my mouth washed
my face stepped to the wardrobe picked my blue
Chelsea jersey that I customized my nick pablo and
the number 4 boldly written on back of it to the pitch
opposite my lodge it is called "San siro" who knows
maybe because of the rough tackles played there the
pitch is popularly known on campus though getting
there the 1st and 2rd set are already playing so I
joined the 3rd set without argument 30mins no goal
one set was eliminated through penalties and my set
entered throughout the game i was no where to be
found my teammates were all lamenting its only
smart my friend from the same hometown that knew
I was not my real self all I said was that am not fit till
our goalkeeper conceded a cheap goal from a volley
and we were out with me not making any
remark,smart rushed me and was like boy you could
do more than this
Me:more than what smart? giving him that kind of let
me be look.
Smart: see guy come on! your performance today is
nothing to write home about wotsup u nah?
Me:I dey fyn I no just dey fit 2day infact I lose form.
Smart: broda talk to me nah wetin sup?
Me:notin I swear.......he cuts in
Smart:u sure say no be babe mata u dey reason? Ha
smart which babe again kwa? Nah yhu knw was the
what he said and dashed out...was climbing upstairs
midway i met joy with her shot people whala,pablo
love awfa nah,I replied cool as I draw up my foot to
move she said "ha dis one wey u dey waka like pikkin
wey no eat last nite everything they OK?" Then I
realized that mood is affected badly I just smiled and
try brighten up a little I said babe noting oooo just
than dey use rough scatter leg for field today joy: I
for say.quickly I rushed to my room thank God there
is light I plugged my phone's auxiliary to my home
theatre all I heard was _another one,if you no give
me I no go take ooo only ur love i appreciate
ooo.....patoranking ft sarkodie no kissing baby was
the tune huh! I love patoranking.... Next thing my
phone ranged my mind skipped a bit instantly I
composed what I was going to tell folake looking at
the screen I saw Spaco, me and Spaco are like twins
he is my best friend he the only one I think my secret
is safe with so I picked up hello gee how u dey,oh boy
I gallant how far you kwanu? My broda I dey oooo u
remember folake,who be fokake ? The girl I told you
about in economics department,yea yea thought I
told you that babe has a guy and not just a guy but
one of the richest guy on campus I was like I don't
fucking care bout the goddamn rich fake ass
boyfriend bro, the truth is that I like that girl and as a
mater of fact I have even requested for a first date
today by 6pm at blaze cocktail bar,if I were you I will
start thinking on how to win that goddess in human
form for your guy,Spaco was speechless all he could
manage to say was I dey come your house guy shey
you cook? If u come we find something chop maybe
indomie mumu. call end...I prepared spag sharp
sharp eat and was watching my seasonal movie
vikings season4 before Spaco called and said he was
in front of my lodge gate looking at the time it was
4:52pm I opened the door for Spaco on him getting
in he rushed the kitchen dished the spag into a plate
before telling me the first word which was correct
guy I replied hungry fool as he was eating I was
ironing my Zara shirt which was among the stuffs I
picked at shoprite the one at kabusa junction Abuja
when I went a for summer holiday at my sisters
place, Spaco was busy laughing at me "oboy u dey
mean oooo u and dis ur folake gal",I said shhh! At
exactly 5:36 I was set with my red and white strive
Zara shirt,blue stock jean,a pair of black puma shoe
(we call it leg way back in the hood), Hublot wrist
watch and that ice prince OBEY face cap, and last my
SURRATTI oil perfume mixed SUREMEN body spay,
Spaco was pouring praises on me that's one thing
about him I love he can appreciate! Pablojay you look
smart you are now in the same league with uti
nwachukwu,Alex ekubo etc mister this mister that
blah blah blah.I locked my door and we move way
down all my jobless and gossiping lodge mates were
glancing as if I was a ghost, getting to road Spaco
wished me luck and we exchanged pleasantries he
boarded a bike and zoomed off,bike was the last on
my mind so I waited patiently for a cab and here we
are welcome be to BLAZE COCKTAIL "your
satisfaction is our duty" I made straight to a table
that somehow opposite the entrance so as to a view
of who comes in immediately a slim neat dressed
damsel approached me with a paper and with a soft
tone good day sir I don't need to be told its a
bartender and menu I took it, looked at it abit and
requested sharpman the prize was 4,500 just a glass
no need to complain I gas package I told my self in
less than 2mins it was served I took my first sip to
calm my nerves even though the air conditions was
blowing my skin hairs up I was still hot inside all of a
sudden I received the shock of my life you won't
believe what happened next
*to be continued*

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