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4 August 2016

Up And Close To Tansian University Graduates

Their day has finally come. The classes have ended. The final papers are in. The exams are behind them. They are not registering for another fall. They are free.
For many, it's the end of some of the best years of your lives — experiencing freedom and independence, learning from great teachers, joining fraternities or sororities, competing in intramural sports, reading life-changing books, meeting lifelong friends.

As it is known, the motto of Tansian University is "Scientia Potestas et Virtus" (Knowledge is power and virtue). Students of the University are flourished with all essential requisites for the pursuit of academic excellence and moral values which during and after their period of studies turns into humble, honest and successful life.

Now, they just completed an academic degree in their various disciplines yesterday (4th of August 2016) they are happy and can now be called graduates. They goes by the names:
Cynthia and

Below is an interview from one of the graduates "Diana Mozie" (Mosaic) by StingerXpress:

•What was your greatest challenge in school?

"First of all is my department, the competition was so high so i tried to fit in.
Then environment too."

•Ok, where do you see yourself in 5years to come?

"Well, am seeing myself as a successful communicator and a model too, by God's grace set up my own foundation to help the less privileged."

Now, friendship off campus can be more challenging with no cafeteria, no biology lab, no student section. You probably won't just run into your friends in the real world. It's no surprise that some of our best friends after school are people we met our Universities days. When you study, eat, sleep, and play in the same square mile for four years, it's harder to avoid having friends than to make them according to Sammy Rhodes (@sammyrhodes).

•An Advice From StingerXpress:

As you go out of school and into the world, employed or unemployed, you
were made for something bigger than your next job. So, whatever you do
while you wait for your next job, do it with all your heart for God's renown. Try to always put a smile on your face while enjoying your life as a graduate.

Unlimited favour I wish you all!! Congratulations!!

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