Patoranking Breaks Record: Lands On Billboard Chart! TrendyVoice

11 August 2016

Patoranking Breaks Record: Lands On Billboard Chart!

Just 11 days after the release of
Patoranking's album "God Over
Everything", the singer's debut has
reached number 4 on the Billboard
charts. He held a press conference this
past week to discuss his success and
his reason for delaying the release of
the album.

Read what he said:

"One of the reasons why the album was
delayed was: we could have dropped an
album after 'Girlie Oh', but I just felt
that I needed the acquaintance, that I
wasn't acquainted to the people. I felt
that I wasn't felt all over the country.
Down South, down North, they didn't
know me. I needed to get closer to the
people, and that was why I had to delay
the album for a while, and we kept up
dropping singles."

"I want a four year old to be able to sing
Patoranking's music. At the end of the
day, I want to make music, irrespective
of the genre, irrespective of how it is
being done. I just want to get it done,
and get it delivered. I want to see a 2-
year kid singing my song. On the track
1 of the song I went really hard, just to
let people understand that my name is
Patoranking, and dance hall is all I do.
You have some pidgin tracks as well for
my people in Ajegunle. I try to carry
everybody along."

"I'm somebody that my music depicts
my lifestyle, everything that has to be
about my upbringing and how I rose to
fame. Patoranking generally, the life
and times of Patoranking. I got to figure
out that a lot of people want to be
famous, a lot of people want to to be
known for different things, for wearing
the best designers. Others for having a
lot of properties. But you know not
everybody knows that despite
everything you have, it's still vanity, it's
still God over everything".

"The album is about love, about God,
and it's about where I come from, and
where I'm headed to. In as much as you
are trying to dance, just always
remember that it is still God over
everything. No matter what you
possess, no matter what you do in life,
it should be a thought that has to go
with your day to day activity. No matter
the amount of money I have on earth, it
is still God. That's why we chose the
title "God Over Everything.""

He revealed these in a press conference
organized by his PR team.

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