“My Body Is Like A Bentley To Me” – Actress, Mimi Orijekwe TrendyVoice

23 August 2016

“My Body Is Like A Bentley To Me” – Actress, Mimi Orijekwe

Mimi Orijekwe, Nollywood actress,
model and graduate of CARITAS
university who started acting in 2000
but took a break to complete her
National Youth Service. She returned to
the industry in 2012 and has appeared
in a lot of movies including UNIBEN
Babes, School Hour, Mean Girls, Ghost
in the Palace,Wrong Selfie and others.

Mimi Orijekwe speaks on why she does
not have tattoos or piercings with
Saturday Beats.

•On tattoos?

I cannot draw anything on my body. I
see my body as a Ferrari or a Bentley.
You will never see anyone write things
on such exotic cars. I keep my skin
clean, I don't want any tattoo on my
body because I don't need all that. I
think if I inscribe something on my
body, at a point, I might not want it any
more so I don't want to do something I
would want to remove later in life and
may not be able to.

•On extra body piercing?

I come for a very humble Christian
background. It is not like there is
anything wrong with extra body
piercing but I grew up knowing my
mother did not have an extra piercing
on her body. She is my role model and I
do not want to do anything she did not
do. As the only daughter in my family,
my mother was and still is the only one
I look up to. I learnt how to shape my
eye brows from her. She did not have
an extra piercing. I copied that from
her. When I was growing up and saw
that my friends had multiple ears
piercing, I liked it at a point but I made
a decision not to indulge in it because
my mother didn't do it.

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