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9 July 2016

You People Have Lost Your Relevance In The Guild - Steve Eboh Blasts Ibinabo, Emeka Ike

Recently, the National Secretary of the Actors Guild
of Nigera, AGN, under Ibinabo Fiberesima's
leadership, Abubakar Yakub disowned the newly established caretaker committee by a group better known as AGN stakeholders to restore peace and stability in the troubled guild, insisting that Ibinabo
remains the incumbent president.
Yakub among other things claimed that
the National Executive Committee of AGN
was not carried along by the stakeholders while setting up the said caretaker committee.

But debunking Yakub's claims,
chairman of the Caretaker committee, Mr Steve Eboh revealed that all the warring factions in the guild
were properly informed about the stakeholders'
meeting and its resolutions.
He declared that the committee has come to
restore the lost glory of the guild and that nobody
can stop it.

"The emergence of this committee is the best thing
to happen to AGN because its mandate is just to
resuscitate AGN and conduct elections," he said.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with HVP, Eboh
said, "I don't know why Ibinabo and Emeka Ike are
afraid of the Caretaker Committee. The essence of
the caretaker committee is to reconcile warring
factions of the guild, stay in power for some time,
conduct fresh elections and ensure that the guild
moves forward again. And some people are not
happy with the development. Some of them have
lost their relevance in the guild. They want to
remain in power, meaning that there is something
they are not telling us. If this caretaker committee
was set up by either Ibinabo, Emeka Ike or BoT,
they wouldn't be kicking against it.

"But because it's set up by the stakeholders, they
don't want to identify with the caretaker
committee. Before now, they have been calling me
names. The court sacked Ibinabo, and Emeka Ike
has never been the president of the Actors Guild of
Nigeria. Now, he's laying claims to the presidency
of the guild. Emeka Ike has not been able to tell us
who voted him as the president of AGN."

"The same goes to Ibinabo, who is yet to tell us
what legal mandate she has over AGN now. The
court has nullified her election as the president of
the guild, and she has appealed against the
judgment. Legally, does it make her relevant? No.
Section 4 of the judgment instructed Ibinabo to
hand over the guild to the stakeholders. And the
stakeholders have come together to take over their
guild. They set up a caretaker committee and
mandated the committee to reconcile warring
factions as well as conduct fresh election.

"They are kicking against the move. I want to ask
them, what do they really want? They don't want a
united Actors Guild of Nigeria. Rather, they want
the division to continue so they can continue to
gain. That's selfish interest and we wouldn't
condone it. The caretaker committee must work
according to the mandate given to us." No matter
what anybody says, we are working to achieve
unity and progress in AGN. It's a task that must be
carried out and fulfilled whether they like it or not.
We are ready for them now.

•On caretaker committee's mandate

"We are very much prepared to achieve the
caretakers mandate because we have the legal
backing, and we also have the members' backing.
That's the strength of the caretaker committee.
What we have done is in accordance with the court
ruling. Both Ibinabo and Emeka Ike have no legal
backing. But we wanted peace but they say they
want to fight us. Whatever they want now, we are
ready to give it to them. But AGN must move
forward. Both Ibinabo and Emeka Ike were not there
when the guild was formed. I have been there from
the beginning. Enough is enough. If it is money,
they have made enough money. If it is name, they
have made enough name. Yes, thank you very
much, but please allow us to move forward.

•On reaching out to the warring factions

"Of course, we have reached out to everybody we
are supposed to have reached. In one of the
publications, Abubakar Yakub claimed that he did
not know anything about the stakeholders'
meeting. He was properly informed as well as the
Board of Trustee of the guild. Emeka Ike also knew
about the meeting. Even after the formation of the
committee, I have been talking with them. I have
talked to some people in Ibinabo's camp, I have
also talked to some people in Emeka Ike's camp as
well as the BOT, and they all assured me that they
would work with us. We have been begging them to
give peace a chance. But they are taking our leniency for granted and we are ready for any eventuality now.

•Resuscitating AGN

"Meanwhile the committee which arose from its
first meeting, recently held in Surulere, Lagos,
appointed an audit firm, Vincent Anwi and
Company, to audit all accounts of AGN in line with
section seven of the judgement as delivered by
Justice J.T .Tsoho on 16th of march 2016.

"The audit will be extended to all the state chapters
as well and that is why some state chapter
chairmen are ganging up against the committee.
They have never accounted to anybody. We want to
let them know that it's no longer business as usual.
The time of sharing campaign money is over.

"We have equally reached out to St Maradonna
Johnson for a possible truce. This is because Emeka
Ike is not in the picture at all. When we are done
with resuscitating the Guild we will then put Emeka
Ike where he belongs.
The committee wants to put the records straight:
The emergence of this committee is the best thing
to happen to AGN because its mandate is just to
resuscitate AGN and conduct elections. Anybody
who wants to cast aspersions on the committee
should first of all lay hands on the copy of the
judgement read, digest it, and if possible, get a
sound lawyer to interpret it. We are not here to
thread words with anybody or to fight anybody but
to keep peace in AGN and avoid any party from
holding AGN to ransom. It will be contempt of court
for AGN Chairmen under Ibinabo Fiberesima to hold
any meeting in Calabar as presently rumoured. The
National Caretaker committee has come to stay. We
would also not hesitate to work within the ambit of
the law to stop any gathering under the guise of
Chairmen meeting anywhere. We have copies of
the judgement and copies of ruling on the stay of
execution as filed by Ibinabo's lawyer."

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