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9 July 2016

What She Will Do If Her Husband Is Not Good Enough In Bed - Queeneth Agbor

Fast-rising Nollywood actress, Queeneth Agbor,
courageously took the bull by the horn when she
relocated all the way from Calabar to Lagos to
pursue her dream career, acting. Riding on the
crest of divine grace and providence, the sensual
actress has since been on the rise in the Nigerian
movie industry. In this chat with Showtime
Celebrity, the sultry actress, who visited
Vanguard's office in Kirikiri unravels a lot of
interesting secrets about her childhood, career, sex,
love and life.

•What was it like coming from Calabar to

It wasn't that easy for me at first, you know Calabar
is a small and calm city compared to Lagos, which
is a busy city characterised by a lot of hustle and
bustle; traffic everywhere, too many people. It
wasn't easy but with time I had to acclimatise and
settled into the system because I came to Lagos for
nothing else but to pursue my dream and so I had
to settle in real fast. It's been God all the way, it's
been fine, I thank God for everything. I didn't have
accommodation challenge because I had a cousin
that was living in Lagos so I stayed with her for a
while before I got my own apartment. My cousin
was there for me, she assisted me in acclimatising
with the Lagos life.

•How would you describe your career so far?

Wow! If I'm to describe my career in one word, I
would say 'great', because it's been God's grace all
through. I didn't just start acting after relocating
from Calabar, I had to enroll in an acting school
because I had the passion for acting but I didn't
have a background in theatre arts. I had never been
in front of the cameras or where a movie was being
shot, so I had to enroll in an acting school for three
months after which I was chosen for a lead role at
the first audition I went for. It was actually a short
movie, so that really gave me the courage that I
was on the right track, though there were
occasional challenges along the way.

There was a
time I was picked for a sub-lead role alongside
Tonto Dikeh, after being given the script I was later
dropped for someone else just because I refused to have sex with the director.
I told him I couldn't do it,
even for the role, because I didn't
choose acting as a career to do things like that. Before I started
acting, I had already heard a lot about the industry, but I decided that I
wasn't going to stoop so low as to have sex with a producer or director for a
movie role, after going to an acting school to
acquire the needed skill for the job. I didn't come all
the way from Calabar to Lagos for that, so because I
refused I was asked to drop the script. I refused not
because the guy was ugly; it was about what I
wanted, if I began sleeping around for a movie role,
how many times would I have to do that and how
many people would I have to sleep with? I just
couldn't do it.

Having sex is actually not a bad thing, but having it
in that context means people won't value you for
you, this is a career that you don't use sex to climb
the ladder of success. It's a different thing entirely
if you ask me out on a normal day and I like you,
that's quite different. But when I have sex with you
for a movie role, it means I've lost my value, I've
lost all the respect I'm supposed to get from you or
any other person.

The thing is, the moment you have sex with one
person for a movie role, it will be difficult to stop.
You may have to continue having sex for all your
jobs and you will lose focus. It's okay if you have
sex with your boyfriend, but not just anybody,
because you should have your self-worth as a lady.
After this episode, I posted something on Facebook
about my experience, within a short while, a
marketer I've never met before contacted me, sent
me the script for a job, without even knowing me
from Adam, and that was it. I didn't have to sleep
with him or do anything naughty. I went to Asaba
to do the job; I worked with this man without him
making a single pass at me.

•How would you describe sexual harassment?

It's normal thing for a guy to want to have sex with
a girl, but at a point where you want me to pick
between two options all because you want to have
sex with me, like I go for a job interview and you
want to have sex with me before I can be employed,
that's sexual harassment. Why put me in such
precarious situation because you're in the position
to give me something I really need? That is sexual
harassment, pure harassment. Of course, it's not
bad to admire a girl, because as a girl if no one
admires you in a day then you have to go back to
your village and wash your head. I have never slept
with a director or producer for a job. Funny enough,
a year after, that same producer whom I refused to
sleep with later called me for a series of jobs. In
fact, he recommended me for several other jobs
without asking for sex or even making a pass at

•At what point in your career did you feel you were on the right track?

Remember I said earlier that I was given a major
role at my first audition. But when I actually began
to feel I was on the right track was when I was
called up for another job after being dropped by
one producer because I refused to have sex with
him. I felt so bad after that experience, but when I
was called for another job shortly after, I said to
myself "this is God at work". When the film came
out, my picture was on the jacket and poster, I was
so happy because I felt like I was getting there.
People began to call me from Calabar saying they
saw me on the poster and jackets of a new movie, I
was very excited. At that point, I believed there was
no turning back because I felt I was on the right
track. All these happened in 2013, between that
time and now, I've played lead roles in several good
movies, such as Hooked, alongside Francis Duru
and some Ghanaian actors, where I had to speak
with the Ghanaian accent, and many others.

•Which movie would you say was the most
challenging, and why?

I've not played a movie role that gave me so much
challenge; in fact I'm still looking for that movie
role that will break me. Though the movie I just
finished shooting was a little bit challenging
because I played a dual role, I was a double (twin)
in the movie, the two characters had two different
personalities and attributes. So it was not so easy
switching between two characters, it was a bit
difficult but not challenging because I'm still
looking for a movie role that will be really
challenging for me. Yes, every movie role has its
challenges, don't get me wrong. There was a movie
in which I had to cry, like cry really deep, it was
difficult for me to stop crying on set because I
found myself immersed in the character I was
playing. Even after the movie shoot I was still
feeling the character's pains, so I just kept crying.
That wasn't the only time I felt so attached to a role
I played. For every role I play, I try as much as
possible to place myself in the shoes of the
character; this would help me to act out the role as
I'm supposed to. Movie is make-belief, so you have
to assume the nature and character of the role
you're playing.

•In Nollywood, how do you get into a
character to be able to play the role

If I'm given a script to act as a doctor, all I've to do
is pick a particular doctor and study him; he may
not even know I'm watching him. I can just pay him
occasional visits in the hospital and study his daily
routine, mannerisms and other things, that way I'll
be able to have a better perspective what I need to
act the role effectively. As an actor, you watch
people a lot, there's something called memory box,
if I see a madman on the street I study him and
store it in my memory box because it would come
in handy anytime and when you don't even expect.

•What made you believe you had the talent to

As a child, I was always mischievous; I could be
whatever I wanted to be. As a growing child, if you
sent me on an errand and I didn't want to go, I
could feign sickness right on the spot, like serious
sickness that you would believe it. Immediately you
ask me to go and sleep you'll see me laughing and
playing almost right away. I acted my way to
adulthood, if I didn't want to go to school or do
something, I knew how to act my way out if it, and
so I was known to be a drama queen.

•How do you feel when you are given a role where you have to kiss?

Always remember that acting is make-believe, I can
kiss you now and feel nothing. As far as its action
on set I can kiss anybody, there's nothing attached
after the director says "cut". And if after you come
to me and say hello I can slap you. There's no
attachment to the kiss, it's just the job, it's a script.
I've had to kiss a guy I hated, from the first time I
saw him on set I hated him, but I had to kiss him
during the movie shoot, it's my job and I had to do

•Have you ever experienced chemistry on set?

No. But it happens though, kissing one actor or the
other has always been the same for me. I've not
seen that actor that I shared chemistry with on set,
maybe it's my mind. It's possible to have a crush on
a big actor and then when you see him on set it's
gone, you begin to see him as a colleague and not a
crush. There are times when I've had to kiss so
deep on set, but I've never given any guy that
power over me to make me develop chemistry with
him on set.

•Can you go nude on set?

No, I can go under the bed sheet but not nude.
Even for 10 million dollars I wouldn't go nude on set

•You once said you will never date an Igbo guy again because your ex-boyfriend slapped you when he saw you kissing on set and he was Igbo. Kindly shed more light on this

I have nothing against Igbo guys. Not dating an
Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba guy is a personal decision. I
have gotten a lot of threats since the statement
was made, so I wouldn't want to talk about it. After
I said this, a lot of people asked me what is with
Igbo guys that I hate? The truth is, Igbo guys are
domineering, and they have the tendency to be
violent. They have this crude mentality of women
being totally submissive to a man, the slave-like
submission and I hate it.

•If you have the opportunity to choose a tribe
to marry, which tribe would it be?

When I start thinking of marriage I will give that a
consideration. I have as well heard things about
Yoruba guys that they are philanderers. At the
appointed time, that is, when God says it is time, I
will choose, but for now, I can't say. On a second
thought, I think I want to transfer my gene
elsewhere. Mind you, I have dated a Fulani guy
before (laughs).

•What would you do if after marriage you
discover you husband is not good in bed?

I'll cut corners. Even God will understand but I will
still love him. It's not like I'm mean, it's just
understandable that sex is important in marriage.

•What is your take on sex before marriage?

The truth is the bible forbids it, but I need to know
what's in the package before I get into it. Not to
discover after marriage that the package is not
good. That's why some girls cheat. Imagine on the
first night together after marriage and you are on
the bed waiting for the action but he knows
practically nothing, you then find yourself saying
"Jesus! How did I get myself into this?" Two month
later you are looking for the next available option, a
hawk to catch as an escape route. If you had tasted
the package you won't fall such a victim. That is
why I feel you have to taste it even if it's once
(laughs), Just a taste at least. I can't cheat when in
love though.

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