KHLOÉ KARDASHIAN Reveals The Most Bizarre Room mate She's Ever Had TrendyVoice

3 July 2016

KHLOÉ KARDASHIAN Reveals The Most Bizarre Room mate She's Ever Had

Khloé Kardashian has lived many lives in
many places. In a recent post on her
website, Khloé revealed all the places
she's lived since she was a teenager,
including a stint at 16 where she "moved
into a house where I rented a room from an
older man" and worked as his assistant.

"But don't get it twisted — it was not
intimate!" she added. "He had a family and I
just lived in one of the bedrooms. I was
rebellious and having an annoying time at
home. My parents didn't want me to leave,
but I was a little brat."

At 17, she moved into a house with four
other roommates, one of whom just
happened to be The Game. "Then I got a
house with four guys as roommates in Van
Nuys. We were all friends," she said before
diving into the bizarre facts. "One of my
roommates from that time was The Game
(the rapper). I've known him since I was 14
and we're friends."

According to a Google search of "the game
rapper khloe kardashian" she's spitting the
truth. The Game himself brought it up in an
interview with XXL back in 2013, assuring
the world that "nobody knocking her down,
she was just like a tomboy."

Since then, Khloé has been in and out of
places in The Valley under much more
mundane circumstances, save for the times
she moved into her mom's old house at 21
by herself and when she lived in a hotel for
six months with Lamar. Other than that,
totally normal.

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