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22 July 2016

John Dumelo Tells Why He Reconciled With Yvonne Nelson

Ghanian actor, John Dumelo has
opened up on reconciling with his best
friend,Yvonne Nelson after both of them
got into a fight last year and stopped
talking to each other.Things turned
sour between the bffs after they had a
clash due to their difference in political

While Yvonne criticized the Ghanaian
government over shabby power supply,
John Dumelo supported the president,
which led to Yvonne airing her
displeasure with him.
John Dumelo has howver buried the
hatchet, He wrote on his Instagram

We might have different political
ideologies. Our views might be
different on many subjects, but at
the end of the day we need to set a
good example to people. Peace is
one of the things I preach when I
tour Ghana.
So how can I preach peace when I'm
not at peace with my friends? What
example am i setting. God forbid but
if your friend you don't talk to dies,
what will u go and say at the burial?

Are you even going to attend the
burial? What at all do we achieve
when we say we dont want to talk to
someone again? Doesn't God forgive
us when we sin? Yet we cant forgive
our Neighbour when they go wrong.

We are our own enemies. We create
our own problems. Let's all reach out
to those we have issues with. Let's
just pick the phone and send a
message. Put your pride aside.

Together, we can move like a force!
Great seeing u yday
@yvonnenelsongh #melomomen

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