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31 July 2016

Hello August (The Leo)

Just like the Lion itself they are brave and fearless when it comes to confrontation and are natural leaders (The Leo's). #HelloAugust #MyBirthMonth #StingerXpress

A Leo possesses a positive outlook
towards life and is very enthusiastic and is full of
life. He/she is proud and determined and is also a
great achiever who sets examples for others. Leos
are genuine friends and are extremely loyal in their relationships. However, their self-centered nature and the tendency to dominate others are among
their major negative traits.

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By nature, these
individuals are cheerful and friendly but with a
rebellious streak.

They are never short of company
and companionship. These individuals feel best when amidst people and hate to be lonely or in solitude. Romantically, these people are the lovey-dovey people who ignite the passion and romance in
their partner. They would pamper their partner and bestow him/her with the best of everything.

Also, these people need to watch out the
healthy being of their teeth and bones. For the
same, gorging on a diet rich in calcium is highly

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