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12 June 2016

Uche Ogbodo On Being A Single Mother Said It Is No Longer Easy For Her To Trust A Man

Popular actress, Uche Ogbodo, has
dished on life as a single parent and
how she's coping in a recent sit-down
with Punch's Saturday Beats.
Ogbodo used to be the married but the
union came to an abrupt end barely a
month later after she got pregnant. She
explains that she walked away because
her ex was an incessant liar.

During her interview, she stated that
marriage is not a top priority for her at
the moment but sometimes, loneliness
creeps in and she sees herself yearning
for a relationship.
She said, "Sometimes it gets lonely
because there is nobody to talk to. Not
that there are no men but because of
all the hurts and disappointment I have
been through, it is not easy trusting
again. Like I say to some of my friends,
it is no longer as easy as it used to be
for me to trust a man again. Dating is
easy but being in a proper relationship
is very difficult. Once beaten, twice shy.
It is so hard for me to trust someone, to
know if he is coming for good and he is
not going to betray my trust and hurt
me. It is hard that I don't have a friend
even though there are so many men
out there. But then, to get that right
person that makes you feel he is your
friend; someone that would never hurt
me and would be there for better and
for worse and I can open my fears to, is
difficult and I miss that. I am also not in
a hurry to have that because I am too
scared to trust a man. It is a personal
demon now.
Marriage is not the first thing on my
mind because I am not stable
emotionally but I want to be in a
relationship because I want to be loved.

I want to have someone pray for me,
talk to me and relate with me. I would
love that so much but it is so difficult
finding that person and if care is not
taken, you can just keep going in and
out of relationships without knowing
the right person."
She went on to say said ever since she
got a bun in the oven, the father of her
child has still not reached out to her
and because of this, they do not have
any form of relationship even though it
seems her child misses having a father
figure around.
"I don't have any relationship with the
father of my child; we don't talk. One
would think that because we have a
child we would be cool with each other
but in reality, the case is otherwise. I
have not seen any effort from him to
reach out to me or our child. Ironically,
my baby's first word was daddy. Maybe
she misses having a father figure in her
life but I know she will adapt, I am
strong and my baby is a strong girl,"
she said.

On the challenges of single
motherhood, Uche bared it all
saying, "There really isn't any challenge
in motherhood; the main challenge is in
being a single mother. As a single
mother, you are doing the job of two
people on your own ranging from the
financial aspect to raising a child. The
challenges would be that sometimes I
am not able to do some things that I
would if I were not with a child as a
single girl; now I have to consider my
child first. Sometimes there are some
extravagances that I am supposed to
indulge in but I cannot.

"It is just like when I had my baby,
because I had to pay for my trip to the
US and also foot my medical bill, I could
not get the latest car that I wanted to
drive then. It is one of the challenges
that I faced, if I had someone to support
me, like a partner, the financial burden
would have been less. There is no
challenge in nurturing my baby
because she gives me so much joy. She
sees me through the day and when I
think about all the things we do
together, it keeps me going. It makes
me want to struggle the more because I
want to give her the best in life."

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