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16 June 2016

Top 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life Revealed!

If the S3@.Xx:' issue was no big deal at all,
then it won't be a major cause of divorce
and the breaking of relationships worldwide.

The truth remains that man is fascinated by
S3@.Xx:' and the mysteries surrounding it.
Experts keep saying that marriages and
relationships are strengthened if their is more
S3@.Xx:'ual involvement.

If there is then a problem that has to be tabled
and thrashed regarding S3@.Xx:', is the fact that
in man's curiosity, he tends to become bored
quickly so we always want to try out new stuff, we
need spice.

It is this quest for spice that tends to make many
cheat on their spouses, because the discovery of
something leaves us longing no more for that
which we already know.

Below then are tips which can help you spice up
your S3@.Xx:' life, hope you find them helpful.

•5. Be bold and assertive

Go for what you want, be sure of what you desire
and help your partner understand that need by
taking the steps in such a way that it does not
seem offensive to him or her. Never doubt
yourself, its ok to make certain mistakes, see
them as part of the spice for that rare delicacy.

•4. Lead and learn to follow

You must learn to take turns during foreplay.
Enjoy your role as both giver and receiver, find
delight in the pleasures you give your partner, be
fulfilled with their satisfaction.

•3. Be real, stop faking it

Why get to fake pleasure when you are not getting
it in any way. If it is boring, talk about it and the
ways to spice it up. Let your partner know what
really gets you excited, stop encouraging the
boredom because you sure will end up seeking fun
somewhere else and worse still if perchance your
partner finds out the screams and moans have all
been faked, you kill internally, they lose trust and
most times their ego.

•2. Be Creative

Find a position and name it yourself, forget all the
stereotypes. As much as you don't want it to
sound like an academic exercise, you need to
search for what is new in the game. Ensure your
partner doesn't your next move. Get away from
your house, get to some hotel for the weekend, do
stuff before you go to work, be a very pleasurable

Get ready to play up the wonder, talk about a
crazy-hot dream about S3@.Xx:' on the dinning or
some corner of the shower you have never
explored before.

•1. Play the part perfectly

There is nothing bad if you come with props, be
catwoman, be batman all in a very different way.
Make the characters jealous that they aren't you
in the moment. Rip off the garments in some
heated moment, go against the wall like you were
about to be arrested, play cowgirl, just play the

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