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8 June 2016

The Tyga: The Disappointing Story Of A Once Promising Rapper

The earliest Tyga verse we remember came in 2007,
when he featured alongside his cousin, Travis McCoy
(remember Gym Class Heroes?). The track was
actually a Fall Out Boy remix, for their song "This
ain't a scene, it's an arms race" and also featured
Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Paul Wall and
Skinhead Rob.
For a 17 year old to be featured amongst such rap
royalty was a testament to his potential.

The future
was definitely bright.
In 2009, Tyga signed to YMCMB and over the next
18-24 months we would hear him spitting fire bars
on Lil Wayne's mixtapes before eventually growing
into his own. He was meant to be a Young Money
prodigy; the prince to King Wayne's empire. Only 7
years later, a 26 year old Tyga has failed to live up to
any of this promise. Where did it all go wrong?
Maybe it was the decision to focus less on
complicated, clever rhymes and more on ratchet club
bangers. This has worked for a lot of rappers, but
Tyga just never evolved. His disappointing contribution to rap music was
epitomised in 2015 when he was involved in two
album releases; the first was a collaboration with
Chris Brown, titled "Fan of a Fan". Although the
record had plenty of bangers, he was largely
overshadowed by his R&B counterpart. It didn't help
that Chris Brown decided to mess around and rap on
certain songs... and still sounded better than the
supposed real rapper on the track.
He then released his own album later in the year.
'The Gold Album' only made headlines was because
it had sold 2,200 copies in its first week. Most of us
could achieve similar sales if we pushed our albums
amongst our family and Facebook friends.

Now it seems like the only way avenue left for Tyga
to achieve A-List status is reality TV. Even then, he's
kinda f****ed that up after failing to maintain a
relationship with Kylie Jenner (And she's on a pretty
famous reality show). via GIPHY
There are rumours that he's about to land his own
show, but really, how many people are going to tune
in to watch him live out his failures in 30 minute
Tyga could have been the prince of the rap music
castle. Now he's looking more like the jester. Let's
hope Designer and other promising teenagers learn
from his disappointing career.


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