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28 June 2016

The Story Of Esther - Episode 4

"How breastfeed, ma?" was the rather weird
question from her! When I looked up at her, she was
staring at my face, and our eyes met for the very first
time in a while!
I dropped back my eyes on Kennedy, before
speaking. "The baby makes it possible."
She didn't say anything just after.
"When you have a lot of milk, your nipples begin to
leak," I chose to continue, after feeling like I didn't
answer her enough, "But with the baby suckling, and
with the little pressure you apply on the areola, the
milk jets into his mouth." There was a rather dry
smile on my lips by now. It was quite strange how
our conversation - which had bubbled a lot earlier-
had gone obviously cold within the last few minutes.

Weirdly enough, she still didn't speak again just
after. I threw her a glance, and found her now blankly
gazing rather helplessly, at my inflated breast! The
look in her eyes was quite very interesting.
I turned away though, wondering why she was so
fascinated with breastfeeding. Or was it even
breasts? Well, I couldn't just tell at that point.
Moreover, Kennedy began showing signs of dozing
off; something I was hoping he wouldn't do just yet
until I had switched him to my left breast which still
had an awful amount of milk in it, that it literally
ached! But then, that's part of the travails of
motherhood. There was always going to be another
breastfeeding, so I would have to bear until then.
However, I had just risen and carried Kennedy to a
sofa to lay, and was beginning to return my right
breast back into my blouse when Esther spoke again!
And my, she shocked me this time!
"Can...yooou, ma?" she first asked from nowhere!
"Can you...shooow me?" she then explained!
I didn't seem to understand the request. "Show you?"
I then asked, looking at her and meeting her eyes.
"Can youuu show me how to breastfeeeeed?" she
repeated, with a drag. Her eye balls literally shook!
My mouth opened to speak, but no words were there
to be spoken! I didn't exactly know why, but I did
instantly feel funny that moment! I slowly walked
back to my seat and sat, still without talking. She still
had her eyes on me, and watched me as I got caught
between completely returning my naked breast back
into my dress, and pulling it out again fully.
However, the latter prevailed, all the same. And with
almost shaky hands I re-unbuttoned my blouse, and
hauled the breast out. I didn't want to think we were
going back to a route I thought we had left, but it was
looking very much like it again! After all, the feeling
was surely back again! That same feeling from
yesterday. That feeling that made the unfolding
scenes before me seem so powerless to resist! I knew
I wasn't expected to respond to this very request she
has made, but yet I simply couldn't muster enough
to stop myself from proceeding. Even speaking
looked like a tedious labour! Opening my mouth,
came with no words! Even when I turned to
presumably tell her that I was ready to illustrate
what she had asked for, I still painfully struggled to
speak up!
But she understood! Esther understood what was
happening, and began shifting towards me! The next
time my eyes met hers, we both looked away that
same instant! We knew this was it again, didn't we?!
We certainly both knew we hadn't completely
conquered this lust! We both knew it was only a
matter of finding ourselves in this kind of situation,
and we would inevitably fail again! Alas here we were
once more, and obviously about to be consumed by
it! When she sat just right next to me, she spoke up
suddenly. Knocking me off my melancholy!
"Where do you...hold it?" she enquired, lifting her
hands already.
I swallowed hard! Then with a very fidgety hand,
picked her arm up, and began directing it to my
breast! I quite couldn't explain what on earth was
happening, but yet, I wasn't even mustering any
form of effort to stop it!

As soon as her fingers felt up the apparent cold skin
of my right jug, I jerked inadvertently! I wasn't sure
how I was going to do this!
She moved her hand to circle my areola and applied
instant pressure! I gasped slightly, having been
taken unawares by the weight of her pressing.
I wanted to tell her that this was where she was
expected to hold onto, while the baby suckled on the
nipple. But after opening my mouth again, words still
couldn't flow out! I was nearly crying within me!
" feel...funny when Kennedy sucks out milk
from your breast, Aunty?" she then surprisingly
questioned, rather unpredictably.
I nodded my head, hoping she wasn't trying to go
where I feared she was going to go!
"Around where?" she then did!
Around where was the question, and I just wished I
could say 'why do you want to know?' But I couldn't!
"My nip...ples." was the next thing I heard my mouth
mutter, barely hearing my own self even! So, I
haven't been able to talk all the while, and when I
finally managed to, all I could say was 'nipples'?! I
was obviously under some form of voodoo!
"Ok." she then blurted!
I thought she was probably going to ask me to also
show her how funny it felt, but thankfully she didn't.
But then, there was suddenly, another twist to it all!
"I....'ve been wondering how...breast milk...feels in
the" she unexpectedly began revealing
in addition, pausing a bit as though to read my
I remained stiff as a tree! Who said we weren't going
back to that road again?
She continued still. "How it tastes in the mouth...and
all. I've just been wondering."
I looked at her with the corner of my eye and as soon
as I met her eyes staring at my face already, I looked
away again! I didn't just know what else. I couldn't
even open my mouth, let alone give a response. So,
inevitably, a long pause followed! And suddenly...
Esther bent in and took my nipple in her mouth,
forcing a very audible gasp from my lips! I never
expected this, but gawwwd, it felt incredibly soothing
as the black knob disappeared between her slightly
moist lips!
I lifted a hand to presumably stop her, but the hand
ended up resting on her hair and even went further
to gently caress it as she began sucking on me! I was
dining with the devil now, wasn't I? I needed to stop,
but still couldn't find a way of not wanting it to
continue! Moreover, she was already practically
sucking the entire air out of my breast like some
vacuum cleaner! And this has always been part of my
Achilles Feet considering that the erogenous zones
around my areolas never fail to betray me! So before
I could even muster any form of mental resistance at
best, I was already feeling the flames rising! I shut
my eyes tightly as my ears got filled with slurpy wet
sounds coming from Esther's lips! I could feel breast
milk jetting into her mouth and filling it! And it was
only a matter of time before my buried nipple began
swimming in the slightly viscous liquid! However, our
dance did take another twist to it, when I felt her lift
her free hand, and without warning, began undoing
my other breast! She must have heard my many
hisses, and felt I was rightly succumbing. But, I
instantly tried stopping her!

Yet, I couldn't! Instead, I only forced her hand into
massaging said breast through my blouse, bringing
me a series of tingly sensations between my legs as I
literally collapsed at her touch! I sighed, in seeming
helplessness as my head kept wanting to break free
from this, but still saw a side of me yearning for more
as I gradually uncoiled from my shell! The more she
massaged my distended breast, the more I saw my
body yield! The squeezing and squashing was
already causing an incredible amount of milk to
squirt from my left nipple, drenching my blouse in
seconds! When I couldn't just hold out anymore, I
promptly dropped my hand from where I had kept it
in resistance to her earlier attempt to pull out the
breast! And as soon as she saw this, she gently
proceeded to bring it out! Her clutching on my puffy
bulbous areola, caused another jet of sweet milk to
land on her face as soon as the breast became
visible! And she quickly enveloped the spewing
nipple with her lips, sucking up as much milk as she
The sensation was inexplicable and I was already
terribly wet downstairs! If I were wearing panties
under my skirt, I was so sure it would have gotten
totally sullied by now! But given I wasn't, it was only
a matter of time, before my thighs faced similar
She had now begun swapping between both breasts
as she literally drained them of every drop of milk
they contained within! She took mouthfuls after
mouthfuls and equally kneaded both lumps of flesh
as she did!
drop of milk they contained within! I still had my
eyes shut for several minutes, and one of hands
literally caressing Esther's back! I wasn't just sighing
and hissing anymore; I had begun moaning really
loudly now as she sucked on my hyper-sensitive
nipples! My legs remained restless, swinging and
stretching as the fire in my vagina became
practically unbearable! It might be inappropriate to
say, but I was indeed dying to be penetrated! It
shouldn't be my fault that such state of arousal did
come when it was a woman in charge of affairs. After
all, she was fully responsible for it! And if I were to be
frank with myself, anytime I get this turned on, it
would have to take a penis, to get it quenched!
But that was going to be the problem! Fredrick
wasn't home, and wasn't getting back home soon,
either. And here I was dying for a penis! Meanwhile,
the speed of my sensual heightening still wasn't
getting any slower! Esther was now equally caressing
my entire chest and neck as she suckled away!
However, just as soon as I spread my legs a bit more
so as to give her more room to lean into me, she
abruptly pulled away from me, without warning!
Predictably, I quickly opened my eyes, after regaining
my breathe! I was practically panting, as my chest
and breasts heaved at a very rapid rate! There was
breast milk everywhere and of course, the air around
us smelt heavily of it! I couldn't even make out
Esther's face, until she was already almost only half
an inch away from mine! And alas, I had barely seen
her when she suddenly crushed her milk-coated lips
against mine! Time stopped!
It then felt like a movie! Like it was a dream! I was
being kissed, so my housegirl,

Esther! She sucked and slurped on my lips, pulling
my lower lip far into her mouth! I was losing breath
as the pace of what has now turned out to be an
obvious girl-girl love-making, practically took me by
storm! My entire body burned in ecstasy as sparks of
passion kept ticking off everywhere she touched! She
hadn't even kissed me for long, when I felt one of her
hands on the inside of my thighs! I yielded; without
resistance! My vagina was unbelievably soggy by
now; with drools after drools of my fluid, leaking into
my inner thighs! I helplessly responded by finding
her arm, and rubbing it up and down; over and over!
While the whole romp was undeniably turning me so
on, I still just didn't know how to actually do this with
a fellow woman! Nevertheless, I began instantly
thinking otherwise when I suddenly felt her hand on
the tip of my skirt; and it only took a number of
seconds, before I was seated on the bare rug in my
living room, with my skirt gone; and with my legs
spread so wide apart, revealing my glistening
vagina! Esther once again, returned her lips to mine!
I was taken!

As she kissed me this time, she caressed my inner
thighs! I jilted and jolted at every touch; as I kept
anticipating an inevitable move for my private part!
She also began undressing herself fully with her
other hand, as our tongues flicked and speared each
other! She had just finished doing this, when she
then returned to my left nipple, which was still
leaking milk! She didn't choose to pick it up this
time, instead she positioned her mouth under the
stiff knob after squeezing my areola, and then
watched as raw milk dribbled its way down into the
cusp of her tongue! It was certainly the most erotic
thing I had ever seen, and my, I got triple turned on!
So much so, that I had to literally nudge myself
closer as soon as Esther's hand came just within
touching distance of my burning vagina! And as soon
as I did, she grabbed my moist vulva in her bare
palm! I felt like exploding! I just couldn't wait for her
to do whatever it was she was going to do, and my
panting and moaning had gone way louder now! And
my, I literally screamed when she slightly parted my
seeping slit, and in one dive, slid her finger into me!

This wasn't happening!
I bit my lower lip, and then clutched on her hair
soooo tightly! She pushed further, forcing her finger
deeper into my sodden hole! I shut my eyes and
purred at the smoldering ecstasy I was being bound
in! My body yearned for more and my vagina looked
set to swallow another digit! But then...
Esther had only begun going in and out of me, when
we suddenly heard Kennedy's wail break out from
the sofa where he lay! He'd just woken up!
I opened my teary eyes, just as Esther began
withdrawing her drenched finger!

"Ken is crying, Aunty..." she then said in shocking
guts, as she began gathering her littered clothes!
Before I could finish retrieving my abandoned skirt,
she was gone from the room!
I sighed!

***To Be Continued***

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