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28 June 2016

The Story Of Esther - Episode 3

Esther's sojourn began with real signs of promise
and success but without equally giving her Mistress
some very tough questions to ponder over. She saw
the hand-writing on the wall, but plainly couldn't
interpret it. Now, with a new rather odd corner
between Mistress and Maid turned, what will the
future likely hold for the two?

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I practically almost stayed up the whole night and
when I did sleep at all, it was likely towards the final
20 or so minutes to the breaking of day! The night
looked so unreal as I kept trying to understand how
the last few hours even got to happen in the first
instance! Meanwhile, Esther went straight to her
bedroom as soon as she left the bathroom, and I
assumed she slept off immediately too. As for me, I
didn't even bother completing the bath, instead went
for the towel with which I cleaned myself dry. Until I
got into my bedroom, it kept looking as though I was
floating. And even after getting into bed, I still found
it difficult to believe I was still in the real world! After
all, if I was ever told that the girl I had just brought
into my household was in fact of a queer sexual
disposition, I was likely never going to believe it. But
everything was currently pointing to that at this
moment. The indifference in matters that concern
boys; her rather skewed interest in me instead; and
all other things, were supposed to give me the clue,
but I just couldn't see them like they were.

Now I was faced with a very difficult decision to
make. What do I do with her? Shouldn't I be sending
her packing the next day? Should I call Fredrick to
tell him? Should I send a messenger to mum and
explain that the girl she had sent to me was indeed
queer?!! These were countless questions I just
struggled to answer, and I was still trying to do so,
when I eventually dozed off to sleep! But untypical of
her, Esther was the one who woke me up at exactly
sharp 6am the next morning, and she was carrying
Kennedy who was probably the reason why she woke
before me! My eyes fluttered as I struggled to break
away from my dizziness, and as soon as I saw her
face, I was reminded why she was the best housegirl
I've ever had! And would likely ever do. Her
dutifulness was unmatched! And while I found it
really surprising that she could even have the guts to
face me again that very morning after what
transpired between us the previous night, I still
managed a grin as I collected my baby from her.
Of course, it soon became clear though, that a lot
have shifted ground between us. Within that very
morning alone, I easily noticed the obvious effort the
both of us made to avoid too much of each other. She
was the less restrained of the two of us though, and
did come to me for instructions when she wanted to
embark on a chore or task. She even comfortably
maintained eye contact while she spoke to me, which
I on the other hand, found it painfully difficult to do!
Instead, I was always avoiding her eyes and generally
steering clear of moments of likely embarrassment.
Nobody said a word about the previous night,
nonetheless. In fact, we both behaved like it never
existed as we in no way really held any casual
conversations as such. But that didn't stop my mind
from occasionally straying to the incident and of
course facing the same question that had bugged me
all night - 'what now?!' What was to be the next
step? I couldn't be sure the previous night would
never happen again. Who even entertains a sexual
relationship with her housegirl? Who survives such?
The lack of respect that will follow; the lack of regard
and all. Just a few of the things that would surely
fade away now!
Esther had been a good girl but who knows? Who
knows if all these things could just change in an
instant with what had just happened? Any sane
person would happily pile the entire blame on her at
this stage and then use it as a reason for sending her
back to her people. Because you never can tell who
she's going to tell tomorrow. Nothing damaging
really happened basically; after all I stopped her
when it looked like she was going beyond her
boundaries. But that is something just the both of us
know. I had a bath, and both of us where in that
bathroom together! And I was naked; something that
can't be easily explained! These very three are real
facts, the fourth fact about her actually bathing me,
was indeed the more dangerous of all! If anyone were
to hear that then there was going to be real trouble!
And I haven't even mentioned Fredrick! I knew it was
unlikely, but what if he finds enough evidence to
learn about this very incident? What if he gets to
know that his wife came close to cheating on him;
and with a fellow woman?! Needless explaining what
end that would bring!
So the concerns remained. And very plenty, were
they! Esther on her part looked barely perturbed.
And as she went about her chores with an
impeccable level of dexterity, I just couldn't help but
pity my position even more! Wouldn't it be sheer
wickedness if I sent her packing despite all the good
and usefulness she had contributed since she
entered my home? Wouldn't I be paying good with
evil if I were to terminate this great chance I had
provided her to go back into school? Yes, she was
queer. And yes, she did what few or no housemaid
would ever dare. But wouldn't it be at least right to
reward her for the good before sending her home if I
must? I was hooked! The more I looked at her, the
more I got ever troubled. It wasn't until I managed a
nap - after finally doing some baby stuff that ended
with Kennedy going to sleep - that a bit of sanity
eventually returned to my head! By the time I would
wake up, Esther had made us lunch and was already
feeding the baby with cereal! I was left speechless,
and just had to say thank you as I walked past her to
the dinning to eat lunch! With that, there was
definitely no way she wasn't staying!
She was simply too handy to go! I guess that about
settled the matter. And I also began suspecting that
she did gradually begin learning her lessons too.

Because I did watch earnestly as the day quietly ran
out, without either of us bringing up the topic of
hiring a movie for the coming night! Guess we both
now felt we had seen enough, and it did particularly
feel like a real lesson learnt on the part of Esther! In
fact, not long after we got done with lunch, we had a
first real reason to hold an actual chat. She had gone
into the kitchen to do the dishes and while doing so,
began humming one of the many Shania Twain
songs she usually sings at home. It felt so refreshing
and brought instant colours to a house that was
already looking grim and grey! So much so that I had
to begin trying to join her from the living room where
I was seated. Of course being not so wonderful
myself, I only ended up messing her song up a bit!
Thus bringing both of us a very long laughter as we
giggled at my terrible voice! And it wasn't even
ending here, because Esther still began making a
bigger deal out of the little moment and soon started
trying to teach me how to use my voice in order to
get the best out of it!
So for nearly half an hour we both kept rehearsing
various voice levels and types as she illustrated how
best to combine and train one's voice to a particular
style! Kennedy was awake and in his pram, so our
loud voices weren't exactly hurting anything. In fact,
little Kennedy equally giggled any time he found us
laughing on top of our own voices, thus adding to the
whole fun! It was all turning into one big surge of
happiness and the fun didn't stop with the voice
thingy really. For even after getting tired of the
obviously unnecessary rehearsals, we switched to
other topics of discussion. We talked about Fredrick
and what we missed about him most.
And then talked about Esther's schooling plans and
why it was very important for her to pass the
entrance exam that was up-coming. We also talked
about my own plans to go back to my business which
had suffered so much since the birth of Kennedy. But
in all of these, I observed how we cleverly avoided
mentioning movies or worse still, the bathroom
incident from the previous night! We both totally
talked on as though it never happened! And how
relaxed did that initially make me feel!
However, the earliest indication of a return to type
did prop its head when my baby began crying
unexpectedly, mid-way into our chitchat. It was
easily obvious what the problem was - hunger. After
all, since we both woke up, he was yet to have breast
milk and I was equally suffering from the
discomforting weight of very full jugs! They had
become so full now that they hurt and both didn't fail
to endlessly leak breast milk onto my blouse!

But as soon as I mentioned that I wanted to
breastfeed the baby to Esther, her countenance
unexpectedly changed kind of! Not only did she
make this weird but equally funny face, she also
basically went soft! She picked up Kennedy from the
pram though, and began bringing him to me while I
unbuttoned my blouse to free my milk-swollen right
breast! My blouse and body was a mess, and I could
imagine I smelt like a lactating cow most likely.
When Esther handed me Kennedy, she began
walking away from the living room!
"Are you leaving me alone here?" I immediately
asked her, a bit surprised she was walking away. "Or
are you going to come back?"
She paused and turned, but noticeably avoided
looking at me in the face. "Ehm...I just want to give
you room to breastfeed the baby, ma."
"Room?" I then asked again teasingly, watching her
eyes move to my exposed right breast, "I don't need
any room young woman."
She grinned, and began walking back to the sofa
where she had been sitting. She gave my breast one
more glance, then looked away. While I saw that, I
pretended like I didn't though.
I was kinda assuming she was likely being fascinated
by the idea of being a mother, although I wasn't sure
how she hopes to do that if she kept on preferring
women over men. I wasn't trying to judge her based
on the 'ugly' experience from the previous night, but
the truth remains that she would need a penis to
have her baby. In 1999 at least. Wasn't sure if that
could change in 10 to 15 years time though.
Anyways, this supposed fascination kept leading
Esther to throw continuous glances at my breast as
Kennedy continued suckling on my nipples!

Being very sensitive around my areolas has always
meant that breastfeeding for me would never happen
without a tinge of arousal to it. Kennedy being a
heavy 'milker' too, always meant that there is hardly
any difference between how he sucks on my nipples
and how his father does! Of course no mother admits
getting turned on by how her suckling baby sucks
her nipples, but I've always ended up literally moist
between the legs, on most occasions! The good thing
being that no one except yourself usually knows this,
since the only actual evidence, is in your vagina! But
if your husband were to initiate sex just after such an
activity, he was likely going to be pleased at how
much lubrication was on offer! Crazy thoughts! But
they never stop coming on such a moment.
Something Esther was likely going to experience too
when she becomes a mother. Meanwhile, we had
begun another string of conversations after she
picked a seat, although I did see how significantly
uneasy she was feeling this time around. She barely
spoke freely, and it kept looking like she was
particularly very keen for me not to catch her staring
at my naked breast; despite repeatedly stealing
glances at it! However, I was pretty moved when she
shot me a question, after what looked like a long

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