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28 June 2016

The Story Of Esther - Episode 1

A young modest south-eastern mother's earnest
search for an in-house domestic worker, leads her to
a young seemingly poor girl who will be happy to
help the family. While the potential Mistress hopes to
take her in, she still can't wipe out the many
ambiguities that do surround the little girl. How
much of these many puzzles can she unlock, if the
girl likely joins her home?

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When I asked her her name, her reply was simple -
"Esther". I didn't remember to ask for her last name
and she never told me. So I just knew her as Esther.
From that moment when she walked into my living
room for the very first time ever, I never stopped
feeling that there was something rather awkward
about her. She just did not add up for me at all; for
reasons I just couldn't place a finger on. It wasn't
because of her appearance - she was unimaginably
decorous and well-mannered. It wasn't about how
she spoke too, for she was eloquently tailored. It
wasn't even about her poise, because she looked
generally compact, and easily beamed in smiles if
there was any reason to. So it wasn't any of those at
all, and I was very sure it wasn't. But what it was, I
still couldn't tell. All I could tell was that Esther was
different. Of all the housegirls I had ever kept in my
home, she was totally distinctive. And apart from the
seeming mystery that surrounded her person, she
was also different in so many other ways.
I was expecting a girl quite alright. A housegirl. Of
which, I had told my mum who was at the village, to
help me find someone. The last two girls I had stayed
with, were all from her, and they were really really
good girls. They only had to leave and return back to
their parents just because their people wanted them
back and not because I wanted them to leave. So, I'd
be right if I say that I have had a bit of luck with
housegirls and was yet to experience all the bad
things a lot of fellow mothers keep telling me about
staying with house-helps. Moreover, my mom is a
generally shrewd person, and has never been one to
work by assumptions. She always says she's never
failed to visit the girl's home as well as speak with
people who know her before deciding on bringing her
to stay with her daughter. And it has always paid off
handsomely. I was on my first issue, after two
pregnancies (lost my first child just after birth), and
having these girls at the time made things much
simpler for me. So, barely days after the last one left
my house, I began pestering my mum - who was also
staying with me as at that time - to help me get
another girl. She agreed.
It was just a day after she had left for the village, that
Esther knocked on my door. While it felt strange,
given mum could have barely been able to find a girl
in just 24 hours, I eventually relaxed when she
explained that it was my mother that directed her to
my place. Moreover, mum had no cell phone, as I
hadn't bought her one yet - bearing in mind how
expensive it was back then in 1999 - so it was just
difficult to confirm what the young lady before me
was saying. But considering how desperate I was for
a housegirl, I knew I needed to accept her in; even
with the apparent oddities surrounding her person.
She indeed looked very different from the other girls
that had stayed with me; even in looks too. She was
distinctly good-looking, sharply contrasting what I
had ever had in my house; with very thick eye brows
that beautifully curled in at every facial expression
she made.She was distinctly good-looking, sharply
contrasting what I had ever had in my house... Her
skin was peculiar too; caramel brown in precise; as
against that of the previous girls who were very fair.
She appeared older as well, and did confirm she was
22, when I asked; and with an SSCE certificate (the
previous girls were only 17 and 19 respectively, and
hadn't even seen the walls of a school before coming
to stay with me). So for Esther, her desire was to be
put through the higher institution and not to learn a
trade like the other girls. And equally unlike these
ones who were Ibo, she was Efik!
Anyways, Esther's sojourn in my house would begin
with a beautiful reward - her exceptional diligence at
carrying out chores around the house! She was
simply good! From doing dishes, up to more tasking
chores like washing my husband's car; she always
carried them out without complain. This was what
began endearing me to her. And by the time I did
realize she was also very trustworthy, and truthful, I
quite knew I had not just a housegirl, but a
companion! I began to make her feel more
comfortable around me, bringing her into my
bedroom for long chitchats after dinner, just before
bedtime. That still didn't make her any less
respectful, and she carried out every single
instruction I left her with, without any complains or
excuses. Our relationship grew so much, that even
my own little kid, began preferring her over me! As
little as he was, he would cry so much anytime
Esther tried handing him over to me in order to carry
out one task or the other. While it sometimes looked
embarrassing, it also felt really good knowing that
your housegirl was indeed one your kid felt very
comfortable around.
This certainty, cemented my rapport with her. And it
only got better the day I heard her singing in the
bathroom, while taking her bath! It turned out to be
beautiful coincidence given she was actually singing
Shania Twain's 'Wild And Wicked'; a song I had loved
from the first day I heard it! Moreover, it wasn't just
about hearing the song, but the striking similarity
between her voice and that of the actual lady who did
the song! Being someone who isn't exactly blessed
with a wonderful voice, I have grown to cherish a
beautiful one whenever I find it! Esther's voice was
simply immaculate, and I didn't hesitate to heap
praises on her as she stepped into the living room
after bathing and changing clothes!
"Thank you ma." she said, smiling and revealing her
ever radiant set of teeth.
I expected her to go on and explain from which of her
parents she got the gift of singing from, but she
didn't. Esther never talked about her parents, and I
was even scared to ask her, lest it all went south.

Expectedly still, I wasn't the only one who found
Esther's case rather curious. My husband Fredrick
also did. Fredrick wasn't home when Esther joined
us, as he was on one of his many field assignments -
he works with a telecoms company as a fiber optic
technician. But when he returned home, he was
quick to observe that she was indeed strange! He
first noted that it was incredibly hard to get her
annoyed or even worked-up, as she literally spends
her entire day spotting a graceful smile or two! And
on a second note, that she had a rather queer level of
innocence about her! This particular second point
was something I couldn't understand at first, until
the day she unintentionally barged into our bedroom
on a certain afternoon, while we were having sex! Oh
dear! It had to count as the most embarrassing
moment of my life as I had never been 'crossed'
while having sex, ever before!...until the day she
unintentionally barged into our
bedroom on a certain afternoon, while we were
having sex! She actually came in to pick up a feeding
bottle for our little boy. And funny enough, she still
went ahead to search and locate the bottle, after
saying a simple sorry, before eventually leaving with
it! While I didn't know how to feel afterwards as I was
quite caught between laughing and getting pissed,
Fredrick did feel a little upset about it, and further
asked me to warn her about intruding into our
Esther didn't look like she knew she had done
anything wrong. She even explained that she had
knocked on the door before coming in and thought
she heard someone say she was free to step in!
Gracious goodness. I had to wonder if it were my
moans that sent her that rather stupid message! But
then, if the sex incident was a bit of a
misunderstanding, how was she going to explain all
the other unexpected visits to my own room that
followed? - mostly when I was either changing
clothes, or dressing up to leave! was she going
to explain all the other unexpected
visits to my own room that followed? - mostly when
I was either changing clothes, or dressing up to
leave! And on each occasion, all she would say was
sorry, while still going on to do whatever it was that
had brought her in there! In fact, I did catch her
throwing glances at a semi-nude me once, and it
wasn't until I openly told her that I was still waiting
for her to leave the room so that I could resume
dressing, that she then bothered employing any kind
of haste. All the same, I didn't exactly find these
things a big deal like Fredrick was already doing.
Guess I was being softened by how generally good
she was to the family. After all, it wasn't like I was a
man to which it could have been suggested that she
was trying to 'seduce' me into sleeping with her. I
was a woman like her, and if there was to be any
worries, it had to be with the man of the house,
Fredrick. Or so I thought!
Surely, Fredrick as the case may be, wasn't just
aware of how much of a companion Esther had
become to me since she arrived. She had made his
usually lengthy absence less of a negative impact.
Gone now were the days where I just had to go to
bed very early solely because I felt terribly lonely and
bored! Even trying to engage him on long calls on
such nights, usually turned out impossible as most
areas he was usually posted to were often yet to get
connected to the GSM network! So with Esther, I had
several other reasons to stay up. We would talk about
a lot of things and laugh to every silly pass I made. It
was also during this period that we formed the very
addictive habit of seeing movies every single day!
Something we both kept telling ourselves we only did
just to fight boredom. But then, it soon became an
obsession, and there was no day that passed without
me sending her to a 'Movie Club' to hire one or two
VCR tapes we were going to watch later that night!
The usual schedule would then be, bathe my baby;
breastfeed him for the night; have my own bath; see
the hired movie while taking dinner; then go to bed!
Talk of a really strait-jacket approach to living!
Esther did have a little bit of difference to hers as she
would usually be making dinner while I bathed my
kid - Kennedy. She would also begin serving the food
just after I had begun breastfeeding him, and would
wait for me to finish and bathe, so that we both could
eat and see the movie together. However, this was
also when I noticed that she probably couldn't wait
enough to be a mother too someday, given how often
I would find her looking at my lactating breasts while
breastfeeding Kennedy!
She would keenly watch as my son suckled away, but
instantly turn the other way whenever I purposely try
catching her doing so. But then, within me, it made
me really happy, as I only could wish she got married
someday and to a very good man. I had never heard
her say anything about boys though, but I did
conclude as at then, that she was probably only
being modest. After all, from the much I had seen her
body; especially on those early mornings when I
usually went into her room to wake her up for the
day, thus meeting her either semi-nude or very
scantily clad; she was just too blessed to go without
finding a man! Her body looks incredibly firm and
shapely; with her breasts so round and unyielding;
defying all the laws of gravity!
Seeing her those early mornings always reminded
me of all the lovely things that come with being
young and beautiful. Just the perky nature of her
cones alone, and the ever erect status of her nipples,
were usually enough to bring all the memories of
being a youth, rushing back into my head!
However though, I do recall that it was on one of
Fredrick's many trips away from home, that my
curiosity with regards to Esther's private life,
suddenly began taking a more prominent position on
my list of interests! She was 22, so very much an
adult. But yet, I wasn't seeing any signs to actually
suggest so. She was obviously through puberty and
had quite developed finely as a young woman, but
then, hardly were there any 'girly' moments! No
requests for sanitary pads; no menstrual cramps; not
even the customary mood swings! Just nothing! I
couldn't tell when she was on her period or out of it,
despite being a mother and close to her! Simply
because there were no clues to knowing so! And my
concerns only tripled the day I subsequently
witnessed her encounter with a neighbour's son who
had been away for a very longtime. He was back and
was probably trying to reacquaint himself with the
neighbourhood, when he came across Esther.
Ordinarily, one would expect the undeniably
handsome lad to want to strike up conversation, and
then the girl likely responding and flirting with him
then and again. But nah, Esther didn't do the later. I
was outside spreading Kennedy's napkins as this
went on, and I was rather very disappointed to see
her totally turn around while smiling, but abandoning
the boy right on the spot. I was further hurt when I
equally eventually realized, that she didn't even
know I was outside, thus she didn't actually treat the
boy that way out of fear of me reprimanding her!
Instead, she did it all for a lack of interest!
Then followed the movies. As we began seeing more
and more movies, I began noticing how blank she
usually went whenever there was a sex scene playing
out on the screen. Not like I was hoping for a very
particular reaction, but then I was going to think that
a girl her age would usually want to either discuss
what she was seeing, or do everything to conceal her
inevitable arousal. Just like I did when I was her age.
But no, Esther wasn't the kind. She would basically
sit there and stare into the screen with the least
possible sign of interest as whatever guy it was in
the movie, smooched away with his female
counterpart. Her next glow would only come on, just
after such scene was done and passed on. And this
made me begin to suspect that she was probably
sexually frigid, as unfortunate as that may seem!
How so painful it felt that a girl as beautiful as herself
was likely facing a situation like that. And for several
weeks, if not months, Esther kept on with the
'blankness' as we continued with the daily movie
watching! It wasn't until about Fredrick's fourth trip
since after her coming, that I picked up the courage
to ask her specifically, if she had ever had a boy in
her life.
"No ma." she replied grinning.
"You mean no boy ever tickle you for belle before?" I
re-twisted, trying to get her to open up.
She broke into a long laughter, before still giving the
same answer - no boy!
I gave up. She was certainly telling the truth - no boy.
But I totally lacked the balls to push further. I still
didn't know if she was indeed frigid or just didn't
really have interest in a relationship as at yet. I
wished I could know these things, but I just didn't
know how to ask her without looking like I was
forcing her development. I also didn't want to look
like the mistress who 'pushed' her maid into the
mucky waters of boys and players! She was still very
young, so definitely had a lot of time ahead of her for
whatever decision she had to take.

Moreover, there
was still the tertiary entrance exam before her, which
she still needed to pass. So, when I couldn't get any
real facts to conclude my hypothesis, I gave up.
Yet, that same day I had asked her if she's ever had a
boyfriend, did mark the beginning of a sudden but
obvious change in Esther's choice of movies! Given I
usually left the choice of what movie to bring home
on hire to her, she had always brought home movies
of any genre she liked; albeit all of them constantly
coming out very good and entertaining! So once
there was a change, I instantly noticed! For, on that
very night, I initially observed how she avoided
bringing the movie to me before hand to tell me all
she was told about it at the 'club', and instead kept
hiding it from me until we were set to watch it
together. And when she eventually slotted it into the
VCR Player, I was a bit taken aback as the movie
played on.

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