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10 June 2016

The Devil Who Loved Me - Episode 16 by Davidflo

It was past 6am when we got to Lokoja.
We stopped at a fast food restaurant. I don't know
if those Lebanese refugees ever slept, because we
were flooded by them as we got out. Two little
boys and their sister tugged at our clothes, while
their mother looked from a distance.
I went to the rest room to clean myself, while the
guys went to other food. I planned to tell him we
would leave as soon as we were done with
breakfast. I picked up my phone to call Abayomi.
Me: hello
Abayomi: where are you, we are coming to your
house for breakfast. Bread and egg o..
Me: I am in Lokoja
Abayomi: I know you are a witch, but can you fly
that far?
Me: serious jor..Jafar drove me here o..his goons
are here also, enroute Abuja.
Abayomi: what is happening there, why didn't you
tell me?
Me: see I was drunk, I will tell you when I get
back..i am hungry and suffering from a hang-over.
Abayomi: when are you coming back?
Me: soon, will tell him to bring me back after
Abayomi: no p..Toun is sleeping beside me… I will
call you later..
When I got back to the guys, they had ordered the
meals, the three of them were eating fried rice and
an ugly looking fried chiken. Jafar was eating
beans and plantain..
Jafar: I got rice for you, alright?
Me: nope, I rather eat what you are eating..
I took out the spoon in my proposed rice and
started eating with him. He left the food for me
after a while and concentrated on the canned
Schweppes he was drinking. Sparrow and the short
guy pounced on my rice, before I could say jack, it
was finished.
My phone rang, it was Timi.
Me: hello
Timi: didn't know when you left the party..
Me: I didn't come with you, so why should I tell
Timi: why are you talking like this?
Me: see I am busy now, talk to you later
Timi: wait..where are you?
Me: Lokoja
Timi: what….
I hung up and felt so good about it.
It was time for me to tell Jafar to take me back. In
another day and another world, it would have been
get-away but I really had to go back..
Me: Jafar please can I talk to you privately?
Jafar: sure.
We walked outside to the front of the Hilux. My
phone rang again.
Me: Toun howfar
Toun: I am so fine, we are on our way to Lagos
Me: you and who?
Toun: me and Abayomi ofcuz. On the way to the
airport. Arik afternoon flight to Abuja..
I excused myself from Jafar and walked to the
other side of his Benz.
Me: but I will be on my way back soon.
Toun: better stay there, I have been looking for a
good reason to spend my Dad's money, Abuja it is!
Me: did Abayomi agree to this?, did he tell you I
am with Jafar and his friends.
Toun: yes, you aretalking to much, see you before
She hung up.
Jafar: so what is it that you had to tell me in
me: can Abayomi and Toun join us in Abuja?
I have seen him smile, but this particular smile
was deep. I felt good I contributed to it.
Jafar: the more the merrier..
Toun is the worst friend ever!
]Jafar: we will be staying in Lugbe, it is close to
Gwagwalada and also to Berger.
He said this as we passed a junction that was
called Giri. We entered Abuja at some minutes to
Me: I don't know Abuja, I have never been here
Jafar: I seldom come around, except my dad
Me: tell me about your Dad
Jafar: No.
I saw why Abuja was the next best thing besides
Lagos. the road was wide, wider than the girth of
cars passing through. it wasn't as crowded as
Lagos, but had an exotic feeling to it. Yaradua's
posters flooded the town, I felt it was a waste of
money carrying out a presidential election because
he was liked by both his peeps and the opposition.
Though a PDP member he embodied all that PDP
Me: who would you vote for in the elections?
Jafar: I won't be voting
me : why?
Jafar: for the white man, voting serves as
liberation, it's a symbol of freedom to choose who
they want. But for the black man, Elections is a
form of enslavement. Too many poor people vote,
they don't vote with their head, they vote with
their stomach. Too many illiterates vote, they don't
vote for the best person, they vote for their tribe.
Me: What tribe are you and what do you think
should replace elections?
Jafar: I am Jafar Ndanusa, I am Nupe. The white
people made sure they saw themselves as a
people before democracy was introduced. In
Nigeria, the different tribes are still in courtship,
democracy came at the right time, but the citizens
aint ripe or mature enough for it.
Me: I repeat my question, what should replace
elections or democracy?

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Jafar: A selfless authoritarian head of state, like
Sankara of Burkina-faso. After making sure the
Hausas, Igbos, yorubas and middle-belt see
themselves as a people, then he can relinquish his
power for a democratically elected president.
Me: that's deep for a cultist.
It came out of my mouth before I realized I had
said it. His brows shot upwards, signaling that he
heard what I said, but he kept quiet.
Me: I am sorry.
He didn't answer me, he just kept driving until we
got to Federal Housing,Lugbe.
I wasn't looking for the awkward moment when I
would have to tell him that I needed a room to
myself, but I didn't need to. When we lodged at
Progandy Hotel, He and Uche stayed in the same
room, while Sparrow and the short boy known as
Aji stayed in a room. I was given my own room.
Jafar: when Toun and Abayomi comes, they would
have a room waiting for them.
I was sure Toun would stay with me in my room.
Me: thanks
Jafar: go to sleep now, you look drained..
Me: thanks for this get-away
Jafar: you are welcome ma'am.
]After taking my bath, I settled down in bed,
planning to sleep until I Toun and Abayomi arrived.
I want to discover Abuja with them. My phone rang
as I was closing my eyes. It is funny how your ring-
tone sounds louder when you want to sleep. It was
Me: Hey
Timi: I am infront of your house
Me: told you I was in Lokoja
Timi: how can you be in Lokoja when I saw you in
the party, danced with you…held you..?
Me: Timi stop..
Timi: where are you?
Me: Abuja
Timi: what are you doing in Abuja?
Me: why asking me all these questions?
Timi: because I care
Me: I am in Abuja and I am good, Toun and
Abayomi will join me soon.
Timi: what is happening there?
Me: came with a friend
Timi: guy or girl?
Me: Guy
Timi was silent for a while, after some seconds, he
regained his composure.
Timi: when will you be back?
Me: too many questions Timileyin.
Timi: I need to see you so I can tell you everything
Me: I am really not interested anymore.
Timi: what changed?
Me: I grew up
Timi: I love you Tana Dike.
It had been a while I heard those words from him. I
still felt some butterflies
Me: very funny..
Timi: what is funny?
Me: nothing..
I hung up.
I was closing my eyes again when my phone rang
again, I cursed under quietly before I realized it
was Toun.
Me: babes howfar?
Toun: we got an Aero flight for 11am, cheaper sef..
Me: that's nice.
Toun: text me your location
Me: will do that Asap
Toun: I have gist for you as soon as I arrive.
Me: brief me na, abi you want me to be thinking
about different scenarios?
Toun: Kofo is pregnant
Me: for who?
Toun: well that's the gist…….see you soon
To be continued

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