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1 June 2016

SUCCESS RECIPE: Life Lessons From An Eagle

By Udeme Archibong

An unborn eagle develops a small tooth on their
beak that enables them to break out of the egg.
Peradventure, if anyone out of sympathy tries to
release the eagle chick by breaking through the
egg, the baby eagle will probably not survive.
Advancement in human life is born out struggle;
success is simple but it is not easy.
It is not easy to break out of our "shell" to the
larger world of unlimited success. Inside our
"shell" lies our comfort zone; comfortable
thought patterns; comfortable habits;
comfortable environment; comfortable
association. It is warm and secure inside the
"shell". However, if we ever want to soar in life,
we must begin by breaking free from our comfort
zone. Yes! Breaking free from our comfort zone is
a struggle but we must keep at it until we win the
fight. Yes! Life outside the "shell" is harsh and
risky. However, to ascend the peak in life, we
must become aware that in life there is no
security only opportunities and only the
adventurous can seize it; and being warm is only
a warning that failure is around the corner and
the harshness outside the "shell" is evidence that
your success is hatching.

The male and female eagles teach the baby eagle
how to fly by example. The parent eagle push the
baby eagle out of the nest and fly down and pick
them up again and the process is repeated until
the eaglet learns how to fly alone at high altitude
just like the parents. The eagles have a great
family relationship; they are great parents and
great partners. Just like the eagle, we must raise
kids who will soar; we must dedicate adequate
time to train them to be responsible and great in
themselves. And this could be achieved by
becoming positive role models. Zig Ziglar's
mother reveals, "Son, your children more
attention pay, to what you do than what you say,
and if you set the example you will not have to
set the rules." The eagles have lasting and
quality marriages; they put in maximum effort to
make it work. The male eagle shows the female
eagle dedicated affection and serves her by
hunting for food and helping in feeding and
caring for the young. The male and female eagle
devotion to each other last for a life time and
they consistently rekindle their love for each
other; none take each other for granted and they
are both lovers, friends and parents.

The eagle has strong vision. This vision is so
sharp that it can see objects 5km from the air
this makes possible for the eagle to observe
storms and dangers afar off and also to observe
prey and food. Here's the catch, a chicken's
destiny is limited and small because it has
limited vision due to the fact that it cannot soar.
The higher you fly, the further you see. Your
vision determines if you will soar or if you will
crawl in life. Vision is having knowledge of where
you are and what you have; imaginatively
knowing where you are going and intuitively
knowing how you are going to get there and how
you will maximize what you have where you are
and perceptively knowing what you will do after
you get there.
Eagle soars at high altitude reaching staggering
height of 25,000 feet-five miles above the surface
of the earth and the remarkable thing is that
eagles soar alone. The eagle is not found among
other smaller birds; they associate only among
themselves. Your association determines your
acceleration or deceleration in life. If you ever
want to soar; set the pace and blaze the trail then
you have to learn to be alone. The fact is that you
are unique with a unique purpose to fulfil on
You can learn and receive counsel from other
soaring people but you need to build your life on
a blue print that is uniquely yours.
Eagles soar effortlessly and longer because the
eagle positions itself to be borne by the thermal
current. Success in life does not depend on mere
hard work rather success is guaranteed when we
seek out the principles governing success in
every area of life and align ourselves to it.

Practicing these principles will lift you high to
soar effortlessly but powerfully in life.
Eagles are clean birds; they feed on fresh prey
only. Just like the eagle we should be choosy of
the kind of information we feed our minds on.
Junk information and ideas will only produce
garbage dump mentality that leads to a dwarfed
Accurate, updated, positive and useful
information or knowledge leads to a wisdom
driven mentality that makes for a high soaring
destiny. To soar, we must become excellent;
excellent in our conduct; character; performance
and in everything we do and in anywhere we are.
It's time to soar!

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