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21 June 2016

Story: Tale Of The Church Convert Episode 2

You should equally feel free to tell me what you
love about my body. That is why we are brethren",
she was getting back to her seat now. Her thighs
were alarmingly exposed to my eyes. I couldn't help
but lust after the several folds that formed the
undulating curves of their inner regions.
"Well, you are a pretty lady Michelle", I heard myself
say. Couldn't tell if her thighs led me to say so or her
"You think so?" she was seating now. But with her
legs apart! I was avoiding to look but the temptation
was so strong
"Yes. The General Overseer must be considering
himself lucky"
She didn't say a word more. Instead, she smiled
weakly and cleared her throat. Guess she didn't think
so too.

"We will have another meeting tomorrow Danny."
she started again. As she said so, she took my right
hand; feigning not to know she did so. "I would have
loved us to continue but I have an urgent assembly
in 20 minutes and I need to leave now."

"There isn't a problem with that." I had raised my
eyes to look at what she was going to do with my
hands but then found her thighs. In fact, I found her
crotch. She was putting on a black lacey panty and it
was bare to my eyes. My eyes remained there for so
long and my d*ck instantly reacted to it!
I guess she must have seen the big long bulge it
formed across the legs of my trouser because she
squeezed that same hand with which I had been
hiding the bulge, making her wedding ring press
coldly into my skin.
I looked up and found her eyes. For the first time
ever, I thought they said a thing. They were desiring
for something but I was scared I couldn't give her
"Are you sure you wouldn't be leaving now?" I had to
"Sure. Let us see again tomorrow. We have a lot to
do" as she said so, she brought my hand to her thigh
and I felt the warmth of her flesh.

But she finally made her way up, in a bid to begin her
preparation to leave. However, just as she walked
past my seat, I got the slightest whiff of womanly
Despite her best efforts to hide this, Pastor Michelle
has been sipping juices in her panties!

***To Be Continued***

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