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24 June 2016

Story: Cornered - Episode 4

As I began fondling and squeezing her succulent melons, she began
speaking in all manner of obscenities! She urged me
on, and endlessly explained how my pr!ck was the
best in the entire world! She was apparently loosing
it, and it was the effect it was having on the other
'waiting' girls that really mattered to me. Because
they soon began laughing and started urging her to
get done already so that they too can have a taste of
the said 'world-class' dick! In fact, Catherine's friend
began pulling closer; a clear indication that she
couldn't wait to mount me already! Meanwhile, her
bossy friend kept riding away, spewing all manner of
things from her mouth! Surprisingly, it was one of
her 'declarations' that actually drove me to the edge!
She had suddenly begun urging me to ruin her p*ssy
for her, and the way she said it just felt so damn
sexy! So before I could take three more whips from
her, my cock was already pulsating repeatedly! She
sensed it, and thus switched to encouraging me to
shoot all the load I've got inside her! She instantly
halted too, choosing to sit on my cock which
inevitably got entirely swallowed by her p*ssy! That
way, I ended shooting a massive load of spunk deep
into her womb! So much so that even after she had
risen from me, I still found several wads of it rushing
down her thighs! I was completely exhausted myself,
no doubt!
...even after she had risen from me, I still
found several wads of it rushing down...
"My turn don reach..." was the next thing I heard;
and it was from Catherine's friend! In fact she had
gone naked already and was beginning to mount me
as soon! My d!ck wasn't entirely flaccid yet, but it
was always going to take quite the effort to get it
fully hard again! But that wasn't going to stop this
very girl, because as soon as she straddled me, she
picked up the d!ck with her mouth and began to give
me the head!

She lapped up
whatever fluids that had been left over on my tool,
and I could imagine she must have tasted both
Michelle and Catherine on it as well! My aging co-ck
ached and needed rest, but she made it leap back to
life in a matter of minutes with her admittedly
wonderful mouth! She made the BJ very wet
and sloppy, and even deep-thro@ted my tool a couple
of times! As soon as she saw that I had achieved
useful girth, she lifted herself up, and guided my
hard d!ck into her waiting warm p*ssy! I grimaced!
She was tight; maybe not as tight as Michelle; but
her vagina walls ferociously grabbed onto the skin of
my co-ck like some angry animal! I felt them squeeze
and suck onto my pipe and as she began moving up
and down it like every other girl had done, I felt my
veins feel squashed in!...she began moving up and
down... I wasn't getting any respite any soon, it
appeared and I was further convinced about this
when I managed to look behind us, amid all the rise
and fall of sweating bodies! For there stood over 15
girls, all naked and waiting for their turns!
Considering that I was only just hosting the third girl
and yet was feeling like I was going to die already, I
just couldn't imagine how I could go another 10 or
15! After all, I was in my 40's! If I were still 20,
maybe I could have comfortably given it a shot, but
at my current age, that stamina was admittedly
gone! Catherine's friend was probably taking
whatever was left, and I already was doubting any
other could raise my d!ck again to perform without
an hour break or something! She was banging on,
raising herself up my co-ck and crashing her fine butt
back into it! And when she saw that I was too tired to
squeeze her boobs like I had done others, she
brought her hands to it, and began squeezing it
herself! I gave off a weak smile!

Meanwhile, I could tell Kunle was quite in deep sh!t!
He, alongside the other guys, were crying out loudly
and begging the girls to stop already! I couldn't
exactly count how many girls that had mounted
them since we began, but it wasn't looking like just
three! In fact, Catherine had gone to their end to be
f*cked as well, and took Michelle with her! So I
wouldn't be surprised if each of them had gotten
something like 7 girls each so far! Poor boys! We all
brought this on ourselves! If I hadn't come back to
this ugly habit of watching girls bath! If I hadn't
allowed the thoughts of Michelle to lure me back in!
If I hadn't allowed Kunle to finish up with his lewd
description of Michelle that very morning! If I hadn't
allowed him to catch me watching Michelle every
night! If I hadn't even begun with this habit at all! If I
hadn't, I wouldn't be here this very moment,
suffering this! So many regrets, and a very awkward
punishment coming with it! This was the first time I
could see sex feel ugly and bitter! I wasn't getting
satisfaction anymore but rather felt drained and
useless! That may not be the case with these ladies
because they were still looking forward to more!
Kunle's pleas and whimpering didn't stop anything,
instead I saw Catherine mount him in particular, and
begin to fuck him!...instead I saw Catherine mount
in particular, and begin to fuck him! Michelle was
asked to give Timo a blow job, and that wasn't going
to end any soon! On my own end, Catherine's friend
had just hit her first orgasm even though I didn't
even know when she did! But unlike the other girls I
had f*cked, she almost wanted to continue with the
sex until she probably hits the second! But from
nowhere, the other girls behind began asking her to
get up - they needed to get on with their own turns!
So after several arguments, the fat girl eventually
rose, and another fat girl replaced her! She was in
her early thirties from what I could see, and even
though my d*ck had gotten really flaccid, the way she
easily stuffed it straight into her admittedly wide
hole came across as simply skillful! I was in her in
few seconds, and she began to grind!I was in her in
few seconds, and she began to grind! She was
probably too lazy to leap so she went about grinding
whatever life that was left, out of me! She was Ibo, so
blabbed in her native tongue as she f*cked away! I
couldn't hear a thing but my, it felt like the end of
the world! Her b00bs were quite large and they
swirled and flapped on her chest like two small bags
of rice! She had her eyes shut very tightly, and had
her hands on my own chest, crawling and scratching
my hair in seeming ecstasy!

She may not be an ideal
f*ckmate, but she was being a lot more passionate
than the last two girls! In fact, when she reached her
climax, it felt like thunder striking! Not only did she
blab even more, she began ridding me like some
speeding train! Her bum went back and forth on my
wet crotch, crushing my d*ck and balls like never
before! She was also spectacularly moist, and she
deposited twice as many fluids on me, as any other
girl had done! In fact, even after she had risen from
me, I could still see her waters running down one of
her thighs! She was one girl I may wish to f*ck again,
sometime in future! That is, if there would be a
future after the melee before me! After all, I hadn't
even finished ogling the girl in question, when
another skinny one hurriedly jumped in, spreading
her legs as wide as possible while attempting to stuff
my limp co*ck into her obviously tight vagy! When
she discovered she couldn't exactly do that, she
brought her mouth to the tool and began sucking it! I
must get hard by all means, it seemed!

Of course, that is usually most men's Achilles' heel
and within minutes, I was partially hard again! And
that seemed like all she wanted, because she quickly
guided me straight into her that instant!

She was
very tight, and warm in there, even though not as
wet. But that didn't seem to matter to the little
woman because she began f*cking me right away!
She was slim, so leaping up and down my co*ck was
never going to be a problem! Her small
frame helped her, and I managed to give her little
perky breasts a glance or two as they gyrated on her
chest! Anyways, she hadn't even gone 2 minutes on
me, when I noticed somebody suddenly appear very
close to my head, just to my left! When I managed to
look, I found no other person than Rita!

The same girl
who had preferred to take us to the Rector! She was
actually stark naked and standing just to my left side
of my head! Curiously though, I had even barely
looked her up, when I saw her begin raising a leg to
straddle my face! And before I could say 'jack', Rita
had straddled me, and in a single punch, heavily
lowered her mysteriously wet p*ssy straight into my
open mouth; all in a thud!

"Suck this toto!" she suddenly instructed! Her p*ssy was right in-between my lips!
I passed out!

***The End***

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