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24 June 2016

Story: Cornered - Episode 3

I particularly found Kunle watching the lady's
backside, as she got into the crowd! Pervert!
"You no be Ramsey Nouah again?!" she additionally
queried after halting just a few feet from me! She
was in a way beautiful, even with the rather reckless
use of piercings and rings all over her face - I easily
counted six! And the gum she thoughtlessly chew,
simply drove home the tag - 'Slut'!
"I am", I answered, still trying to figure out if I had
met her before.
"So you and your men dey come here to watch our
toto abi?" she continued. Her friend and the rest of
the girls were remarkably calm. At least, it was pretty
obvious she had better influence and control more
than Rita. Because even said Rita had gone
inexplicably cold!
"We dey beg be like that my be
like that..." I was doing my best to appear as pitiable
as possible.
"No be like wetin? be here they catch una?" she
emphasized her question with a frown of her eye-
pencil-coated hairless brows!
I nodded my head.
"So wetin you wan talk now?" the second face she
then made, explained my folly inch-perfect
"We dey go Rector o!" someone in the crowd
suddenly threw out again! And majority reechoed it
like last time! But she barely behaved like she heard
"Wetin carry you come here?" she proceeded to ask,
choosing me for her questioning yet again.
I remained spellbound for a moment or two, not
being sure what exact answer to give her. I couldn't
possibly mention anybody's name, as I wasn't sure
how that would turn out, but it took another look at
her face for me to begin speaking!
It took quite a while, and before I could finish, I had
spoken about how I had always watched the girls in
my own hostel - Hostel P, and how I was aware most
of the security men were also in the act! I told them
how I had momentarily stopped the habit for quite a
length of time but carefully avoided mentioning
Paulina and my romps with her! However, when it
was time to talk about the actual reason that brought
me to their own bathroom, I inevitably mentioned
Michelle who mysteriously, still hadn't left the scene,
unlike what you'd expect from a girl like herself! Of
course, when I mentioned her name, everybody
seemed to be expecting it! They obviously knew who
had a far more attractive body amongst themselves.

But that didn't exactly grant us the salvation we
wished. In fact, it brought us more problems!
" Michelle make you come here?" the middle-
age woman who I now knew to be Catherine by
name, asked me rather sarcastically!
I nodded my head.
"So Paulina never belle-full you finish?! Na Michelle
you wan face now?!"
My eyes grew wider than three truck wheels put
together, on hearing her mention Paulina! How did
she know about us?!!
She certainly observed my reaction, but continued.
"You go f*ck her today!" was the rather unexpected
and equally vile follow up from her!
Even the rest of the girls suddenly went dumb as
they stared around and about themselves in
"You go f*ck Michelle today!" she unwaveringly
continued! "In fact, you go f*ck toto today tire!"
I had barely finished hearing her, when she dragged
me by the hand and then waved Michelle over! She
was much more powerful than I had envisage!
"Carry the other ones come!" she additionally
instructed to the rest of the girls, apparently
intending to take us away with her!
"Where you dey carry them go?" Rita predictably
asked, obviously confused. "Rector office?"

Catherine didn't reply her immediately, but kept
walking ahead of me, while still pulling me along by
the hand! When she finally did, her response left
both of us terribly stunned! "If Rector fit fuck toto,
you fit invite him too!" My eyes remained wide open
for another good 30 seconds!
Rita suddenly stopped in her tracks, and without
saying anything! She was apparently not playing this
one with us; or so it seemed. Catherine may have
been saying things all these while, but on current
evidence, she absolutely meant every word! Myself
and my colleagues were going to be forcefully sexed!
In fact, we were going to be gang-raped! And believe
me, I didn't understand the magnitude of what was
obviously coming until I bothered looking around us!
Not only did a greater number of the girls that had
mobbed us followed us, more girls were also
appearing from basically everywhere! The news was
spreading fast, and the lots who were keen to try
their luck with us were coming down to join us! I
wasn't exactly surprised, given the 'religious' nature
of the school. They were always monitored, and
barely allowed to leave the campus. So it wouldn't be
entirely wrong to suspect that many of these ladies
do stay several weeks without meeting a man. My
experience with Paulina should have taught me
more, I guess. And speaking of her, I could now see
why Catherine was quite interested in me. Paulina
must have told her about me, and how I had serviced
her fanny for several weeks. But then, given the
former's choice of punishment towards me and my
colleagues, it did appear like Paulina equally told her
that I had suddenly refused to continue with our
affair despite all her plea. That must have hurt
Catherine, and for her, this was the perfect
opportunity to do a Karma on me, it appears.

Anyways, as we marched on to wherever it was she
was taking us, I did manage to take a closer look at
her. She was a bit ahead of me despite still pulling
me by the hand. Of course, any thoughts of escape
had been totally forgotten because it was either
going to spell serious injuries or an avoidable
handover to the school authorities! Catherine was
probably in need of sex, and was only likely seeing
this as an opportunity to quenching her libido a little.
And myself and the boys were also likely going scot
free if we simply played ball. Of course, while our
chief captor didn't scream the dream wife, she was
more than attractive! As she pulled me along, I
watched her admittedly tall ebony-black frame! She
was no less than 6 feet - quite a couple of inches
taller than myself. And she also had the curves to
make said frame simply irresistible! Her hips were
well flared, with her thighs seductively curled out to
receive them as they descend to her shapely legs!
Throw in the fact that her waist was noticeably thin
while her tummy was remarkably flat, and you'd
understand why my colleagues couldn't take their
eyes off her body even as we marched on! I was, in
fact equally a culprit. I had my eyes fixed on her
rambling fat a$s cheeks that never stopped dancing
salsa under her loose towel as she walked! Despite
putting little to no effort, her entire backside swayed
monumentally! They somewhat appeared too heavy
for her body, making watching her such a spectacle!
Anyways, as soon as we halted, after what looked like
ages, I had no other option than to tear my eyes
away from her!
We were now before a building, which I remember
coming to just twice at most since I began working
with the school. It was one of the oldest laboratories
in campus and thus have been abandoned for several
years now. In fact, the part of the school where it is
located, isn't well visited anymore, and it was now
looking like the girls had converted it to some kind of
hide-out for very hideous activities. As soon as we
got into the building, all four of us were made to sit
on the bare floor.
"Now, all I wan make una do, na to f*ck!" Catherine
began speaking right away. "I go give una toto, una
go f*ck am. Shebi you hear me?"
I nodded my head, wondering how I was ever going
to get an erection when being forced to have sex.
Kunle and the rest responded too, as we all sat on the
floor like some hostages.
"Commot their clothe." was her next instruction as
she turned to face the group of girls behind us.
Her number 2 was the one to carry out the
instruction, and with the help of a few other girls we
were soon left completely naked!
"There punishment dey simple..." resumed
Catherine; now addressing the girls. "They go f*ck
today tire. After today, if person dash dem toto, they
go leave am run!..."
Most of the girls seemed to be on the same wave-
length and thus hailed her on!
"So...if you know say you no go like help me punish
them, you fit commot now o. If you know say you no
go like f*ck pr!ck, you fit go hostel ni. Because, me
wan f*ck, chikna!"
Instant calm followed. She seemed to have hit the
nail directly on the head! And after what seemed like
several minutes, legs began to shuffle - some were
leaving. They weren't interested in the upcoming
orgy. However, when Michelle tried leaving too,
Catherine personally pulled her back!
"Na you they find come this hostel, baby! So, you go
follow us dey here." she wasn't joking at all.
Meanwhile, despite the number that chose to leave
for their hostel after Catherine's warning, I was
practically shocked when I saw the plenty that still
remained! They were no less than 40 girls still with
us in the building; and by vague calculation, that
should be a minimum of 10 girls per man! I went

"You people should carry those sticks..." instructed
Catherine again, this time choosing to speak in
proper English, for the first time.
She was talking to a section of the group now and it
was clear she wanted them to serve as some sort of
security until it was their turn to f*ck!
As soon as they had done as told, Catherine turned
back to us. "Oya, una fit use them do whatever una
like. I go like take this one..." she walked closer to
My eyes remained raised to her without saying a
word. Meanwhile most of the girls had now rushed
over to my colleagues and while I couldn't see them, I
already could tell they were being made to lie on
their backs!
"Paulina tell me say your pr!ck fit do the job wella."
Catherine held up my limp d!ck with her hand. "So,
you go service me well before another persin."
I still remained calm and wondering if I was even
enjoying the whole thing. After what seemed like 5
minutes, she spoke again.
"So your pr!ck no go like rise for me abi?" she had
tried stroking the sleeping thing without any
success. "Wey Michelle?..."
As soon as she mentioned Michelle, my eyebrows
involuntarily frowned in!
Michelle was brought forward. She was still stark
naked with all her curves screaming to be grabbed!
In fact, my barely seeing her, caused my d!ck to

"Come f*ck him!" was Catherine's next
announcement! All to my utter disbelief! "I know say
na you en want, so make you come open floor!"
Michelle didn't object at all; probably for fear of being
bullied. She just stepped forward, straddled me, and
began spitting saliva into her palm! Of course, there
wasn't any further need to get me in the mood too,
because the mere sighting of how her curvaceous
b00bs sat on her chest, was adequate motivation to
gain a bit of hardness between my legs! Catherine
saw it, and smiled!
"Didn't I tell you? Ole! You go f*ck me today, come
what may!"
I didn't say a word in reply but patiently waited as
Michelle began lowering her p*ssy to my d!ck after
applying her saliva on her vulva! Her face was
expressionless, but I couldn't exactly say she was
feeling entirely bad! In fact, when her p*ssy
swallowed up my hard shaft, I was surprised to
discover that she was already very wet! Something I
had thought wasn't possible given the
circumstances! But she was, and her warmth only
made the moist nature of her p*ssy, very welcoming!
That aside, her p*ssy also had to count as the
tightest p*ssy I had ever f*cked in my entire life! It
was so tight that it wouldn't even let out the cap of
my cock so easily after going in! So as soon as she
began to go up and down my rod, it felt as though
my cock was being squeezed dry! Once again,
Catherine noticed, and spoke up immediately!...she
began to go up and down my rod...

"If you ever cum inside her, I will kill you today!" she
burst out in proper English. "You must cum inside
me, not her! If you like, make her cu-nt dey tight like
needle, I no wan know!" she was pointing to my face
while saying so!
Meanwhile, Michelle didn't seem to be anywhere near
us, instead had her eyes shut tightly while she
moved her heavy booty up and down my cock! Her
b00bs bounced too, and it only took just a few
minutes, before I raised my hands to grab them!
They were full but yet soft!Her b00bs bounced
too... They were also large, even though appropriate
for her body size! It only took my pulling her n!pples,
for her to begin moaning! And that was when quite
everyone knew she was enjoying the thing as much
as myself!
"She dey enjoy am o!" explained Catherine's friend.
She too was waiting for me to f*ck her!

"The man fit f*ck toto..." was Catherine's reply. "You
no dey see all the water wey the girl toto dey pour!"
I couldn't see Michelle's p*ssy but since Catherine
could, I had to believe her explanations! Of course, I
already knew Michelle was very wet, but I didn't
know she was creaming my d!ck! And that was
supposed to be a compliment on an ideal day. In fact,
it wasn't long before I noticed Catherine, who was
now stark naked and squatting just behind us, bring
a hand to her snatch, and begin to rub away! She
was equally aroused beyond words and hers was
telling! She even dipped her fingers into her hole a
few times and the way they looked drenched on
coming out, told all the hidden stories!She even
dipped her fingers into her
hole a few times... Fortunately for her, it wasn't long
before Michelle began showing signs of an
impending climax! Her moans became louder and
she rose and fell even faster on my cock! But then it
looked as though Catherine wouldn't let that happen,
probably because that could equally lead to my own
orgasm, so she abruptly stopped us, and began
asking Michelle away!
"Na inside me you go cum papa!" she announced
again as she made room for an exhausted and
heavily sweating Michelle to walk away!
The way the young girl's flabby a$s cheeks clattered
against themselves as she walked, made me want to
grab her yet again!The way the young girl's flabby
ass cheeks
clattered against themselves as she walked,
made me want to grab her yet again!
Catherine didn't seem to care! "Na my turn now!"
she straddled me as Michelle had done, and began
introducing my hard cock into her own p*ssy! The
introduction was quick, and in seconds my fat cock
was well buried inside her equally sloppy pussy! In
fact, she took the entire length, and she didn't seem
uncomfortable in any way! Of course she wasn't
anywhere as tight as Michelle but her honeywell was
equally as sweet, massaging my pecker so
pleasantly! As soon as both of us had gained proper
balance, she began to go up and down my hard rod!

Her movement was even more elaborate than the
younger girl, and she made sure to bring herself up
to the tip of my cock, before coming back down to
base!...she made sure to bring herself up to the tip
my cock, before coming back down to base! That
gave me a little room to watch as my juice-covered
dick got repeatedly swallowed and vomited again by
her dripping hole! She was skilled, and it was so
apparent with the way she went about the f*ck
business! Using her cunt muscles as well as her
movement, she effectively guided my d!ck to several
corners of her hole, making sure she was properly
stuffed up by my engorged member! When she
began to moan and hiss, she simultaneously
increased her leaps! She became faster, and much
more ruthless! At some point, I had to shut my eyes
so tightly, with both sets of my teeth gnashed
together as her fat buttocks heavily banged into my
crotch mercilessly! Even though I could hear sensual
noises from Kunle's end, it was the loud smashing
sounds of Catherine's wide butt as it repeatedly
crashed into my profusely sweating hip, that mostly
saturated the air! When I attempted grabbing her
own b00bs, like I had done Michelle, she whimpered!
When I attempted grabbing her own boobs,
like I had done Michelle, she whimpered!Apparently,
she was softer in bed! Or should we just say she was
being driven home! I could see her p*ssy flooding my
dick even more with her juices and did spot her
muscles flex a number of times!

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