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24 June 2016

Story: Cornered - Episode 2

I still remained quiet.
When he waited and waited and got no response, he
sighed, dropped his head and left my lodge! I was
glad I had won that battle moreover!
I may have withstood the lure earlier that day, but
words from that morning remained printed inside my
head! Kunle's definition of Michelle's nudity was
simply striking! According to him she had fresh
b00bs, gorgeous hips, a sweet p*ssy and a melon-
looking a$s! While I wasn't sure about how he already
knew her p*ssy was sweet, I could testify to some of
his other adulations as I had seen her half-nude
before! For such a young girl, she was simply
endowed in an amazing way! I just couldn't stop
imagining her in full nudity! Kunle's description was
admittedly accurate in many ways! From the little I
had seen her, she simply had an a$s to die for and a
body that was by far the most alluring around
campus! She was light-skinned like Loretta but a lot
fleshier. She also had classy legs with thighs
curvaceously contoured in succulent folds of skin!
And not a word could be said without equally talking
about her juicy b00bs! I was yet to see them in the
nude but the way they always mercilessly stretched
the fabric of her blouse meant I was definitely in for
some stunner any day I happened to see them
finally! I was yet to see them in the nude but the way they always mercilessly stretched the fabric of her blouse meant I was definitely in for some stunner any day I happened to see them finally!Same goes for her n!pples that never
cease to poke out as though they are endlessly ever
erect like some little pen!ses! It was always very
difficult to want to think of some other thing as soon
as she gets into your head. Even as I f*cked my wife
later in the afternoon with hopes of returning to
school in the evening, I helplessly imagined I was
f*cking young Michelle! My thick stiff d!ck kept
tearing in and out of my woman's cu-nt like never
before as imaginations of the beautiful girl filled my
head! I had pinned her into the bed with both hands,
having raised her hip with a pillow and her cu-nt
waters flowed like some stream as my excited
manhood rammed its way in and out of her! Simply
visualizing Michelle on all fours while I banged her
from behind was all I needed to do to nut! In fact, my
cum was so much that it continued running even
after I had pulled out and dropped the man-meat on
my wife's belly!My thick stiff d*ck kept tearing in
and out of my woman's cu-nt like never before as imaginations of the beautiful girl filled my head!

Michelle was now my new catalyst for action! My
wife was still cleaning her body of my goo when I
dressed up to leave! She was of course surprised at
my desperation to return to the campus. No bathe,
no food and not even an extra hour with family. I
managed to convince her after many minutes of plea
and soon was on my way. What she didn't know of
course, was that I was in a hurry to catch Michelle
getting set for bed later that night - I was back to my
old path!
Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I couldn't still
see Michelle undressing later that night. She
basically spent most of her night in the classroom
reading ahead of their exams which I was aware were
around the corner. Before she would return to the
hostel to sleep, it was already too late to go in there.
However, I wasn't going to give up already. It did
obviously seem like I was going back on a vow I had
made but I was helplessly bent on seeing Michelle
nude at last and I kept telling myself that it was
going to be my first and only time. Since she had
eventually begun undressing during her shower, it
appeared to be easier for me. All I felt I needed to do
was to go watch her bathe one more time and that
will be it. Of course, I wasn't going to let the rest of
my colleagues know as I wasn't interested in letting
them think I was still part of them. Surprisingly
though, I met all of them perched on something and
looking through the high-windows, when I went to
the bathroom the following morning! Kunle in
particular was sitting on a pile of jerry-cans and
looked rather very excited. They had been there way
before myself and I was only lucky to even see
Michelle approaching the bathroom just after I had
arrived. The way her big a$s danced within the towel
she had tied across her heavy b00bs, was simply a
joy to behold! I just couldn't wait to position myself
in a very advantageous spot to watch that towel drop
from her body! Unfortunately, unlike the bathroom at
the hostel were I was in charge, this particular one
had no tree stumps around. There were neither a
ladder or even old water drums on which I could
climb. It got me instantly livid as I searched for an
alternative. Thoughts of Kunle's solution to the same
challenge instantly crossed my mind. Moreover,
himself and the rest were yet to notice my presence
even though I almost came to their end of the
building as I searched for old jerry-cans. Luckily, I
soon found enough to help me get to the same level
as the bathroom window even though some of them
were badly damaged and made the eventual pile
unstable. But I still managed to climb onto them and
as soon began to clearly see the entire bath area! It
was indeed an enchanting thing to see! There were
over 30 girls using the room at the same time and
my eyes were filled with views of countless b00bs,
puss!es and b00ties of all sizes, colours and weights!

Luckily, none of them noticed me nor my colleagues. It was
indeed only a matter of seconds before I spotted the
ever radiant Michelle!
Thankfully, she was just right in front of me! She was
by far, the sexiest young woman in there and sexiest
I had seen in my life! And just as Kunle had
explained, her body was unbelievably attractive!
Starting from her obviously shimmering hair down to
her toes, she was completely flawless. A combination
of a light-complexion and a stunningly pointed nose,
made her easily pass for a gorgeous half-caste. Her
b00bs were even heftier than I had imagined and her
areolas were so puffy and large, covering a sizeable
portion of her cleavage! Her n!pples were knotty and
pronounced too. They noticeably formed the tip of
two bulging melons! It was now
easier to see why they always appeared perpetually
aroused under any blouse at all she was wearing -
they were conspicuously explicit in size. What mainly
stunned me about her tits though, was the way they
sat on her chest. Despite their sizes, they didn't look
saggy or stretched and melodically swayed and
heaved from side to side as she unbundled her soap-
dish! Her mid-riff swayed too as she did, rather
gently. It was lovely, the way the sides of her shapely
belly transcended into her broad hips! It was more or
less a precursor to what would become a union in
precision as her hips joined her luscious thighs down
the hill! I just couldn't understand why a single
person would have all these to herself alone! She was
just too perfect! And even when a side of her bum
came into view, I was further knocked out of my
breath!And even when a side of her bum came into
view, I was further knocked out of my breath!

Consequently, I didn't even know when one of my
hands found my pulsating pr!ck as I drank off the
young girl's nudity! While I wished she would
completely turn around, I didn't fail to notice how the
visible a$s globe stuck out like it had a life of its own!
It was full and thick, and graciously adorned her
backside! As she stretched an arm to turn on the
shower, I couldn't help but notice how the lumps of
flesh gyrated about, in oblivious enticement! The
way the running water consequently flooded her skin
didn't help as streams of the fluid descended down
her body in glistening beads. It was just after she
had eventually turned, bending over to wash her
legs, that I got to see her rather swollen soapy p*ssy
come into view from behind for the first time ever!
It was just after she had eventually turned,
bending over to wash her legs, that I
got to see her rather swollen soapy p*ssy... The
petals of her fanny's shiny inner lips also incidentally
popped open just then, presenting me the pinkest
pussyhole ever! The impact of the tempting view was
predictably sudden and did catch me off-guard,
causing me to lose a bit of my balance! And before I
could regain my carriage, my pile of jerry-cans gave
in after a crack! Thus, in one single heavy crumble, I
crashed onto the floor, amid several bouncing jerry
cans, that equally tumbled down with me!

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh............. Na Ramsey Nouah o!!"
was the next thing I heard as I struggled to open my
eyes after being briefly dazed by my heavy fall. I
could also hear several shuffling of moving feet; an
indication that the girls were approaching my
When I did open it partially, I met several female
heads popping out of the bathroom door and with
faces covered in sheer horror! They were predictably
stunned to find me out there! But then, I wasn't the
only one cornered at that moment; Kunle and the
rest of my colleagues had been found out too, and
were being dragged down from their 'inspection
As I closed my eyes again, I had to ask myself the
question - "Why did I come back?!"

After being lucky for a very long time, Mr. Daniel
finally got a slim shot at salvation and needed to
grab it with both hands to avoid an inevitable doom
that would unavoidably follow if he ever got caught.
But he went back on his vow and returned to his old
shameful habit! What chance does he stand now;
with the school authority looking like an option?
I felt some hands grab my shoulder and arms in less
than a moment. I was still dazed and could barely
open my eyes but I was quite conscious and could
hear everything happening around me. I could hear
Kunle and the rest pleading and making all kinds of
promises to the girls. I could also hear the girls
abusing and using rough language on us. Quite a few
of them were already advocating taking us to the
school authority and while I wasn't saying or doing
anything yet, I was basically a dead man in my mind!
I couldn't exactly say what was possibly next but did
hope for the best. It wasn't quite very long before
they pulled me up from the ground and in a jiffy
followed it up by pouring a full bucket of water over
me! Probably in a bid to knock me off my dizziness!
"You no wan open your eyes before abi?" I heard one
of the many naked girls say as I begun pleading that
they shouldn't pour a second bucket.
"I don wake abeg..." I persisted. I hardly knew them,
since they were from Kunle's hostel not mine. In fact,
there were faces among them, I hadn't even met
Strangely though, it was rather funny for some of
them and it kept them amused all along. Their
mostly half-naked bodies were still glistening of
bathwater and in some cases also had patches of
soap lather dappled here and there
I kept begging though. Not for them to stop the
water splashing now, but to stop them from taking
us to the school authority. I could see Michelle
standing at a corner and with her hands over her
sprawling breasts! I may be in deep soup, but that
doesn't take away the fact that the young girl was
graciously endowed and most importantly a stunner!
It was somewhat funny though, how she still felt the
need to conceal her nakedness even though she was
certainly aware we had seen a lot of her!

Anyway, as if my pleas were falling on deaf eyes,
another splash of water inexplicably appeared from
nowhere, and I was soon left reeling and struggling
to get out the plenty that inevitably found my eyes!
"You still no go open am?" one of the girls to my right
shouted! She was probably the one who splashed the
" eye don open tete!...abeg!" I was a lot
serious with my plea now as I could tell the girls were
not in for any jokes! In fact, most of them now had
sticks, iron bars and stones in their hands already!
And they looked far from peaceful!
Moreover, another group of girls were already pulling
Kunle and the other two (Timo and Smart) my way!
They were being pulled by their shirts, and given the
number of girls in question, as well as the weapons in
their hands, there was simply no way any one of us
could get out of this melee in one piece! I personally
had to make 'escaping' the last thing in my mind. My
colleagues were still frantically begging them to
forgive, but the girls obviously weren't interested in
all that! We were being made to look like some
condemned criminals, and even before they would
hear us out fully, some of them had already become
more vocal about taking us to the school
"...When you reach there, you go explain if na so you
dey take watch your mama for bathroom!" one of
them spat bitterly, apparently referring to the
The rest laughed! Quite a dangerous joke it seemed!
"Na so na!" another supported. "How old papa like
this go dey watch woman wey dey baff?"
"Even these ones too! They were watching from that
other end" Kunle and his crew were dragged to where
I was!
The girls burst into another round of laughter!
"So una be football team?" the girl who I thought
poured water on me, asked. "Who be the
goalkeeper?" her sarcasm literally hurt!
Myself and the boys remained mum. My body was
still terribly soaked, and just the sound of the many
dribbles of water leaking to the wet ground, was the
only thing we could hear.
"Okay...una no wan talk abi?" she resumed! In a way,
I was already suspecting she had some kind of
influence among the girls, given how much swag and
fearlessness she spoke with!
I still remained quiet; same was with the rest of the
"We dey go see Rector right now!" she finally
howled! Vehemently pointing to the floor, to
emphasize the 'right now'! Many of the girls hailed
the idea and began repeating same!
"Please don't! I beg you..." suddenly interrupted
Smart! He was even getting on his knees as he
spoke. "If you report us to him, we will lose our jobs.
Please...I go give you anything wey you wan...abeg..."
"Thunder fire you!" was the same girl's repulsive
response! By now, I had heard someone call her Rita.
The way she preferred speaking in Pidgin English
equally suggested she was probably from the south-
south region of the country. "You think say I dey beg
you bribe? Wetin you fit give me? Foolish man!"
Kunle joined again. Asking her to pity us because of
our families and children at home. But he was briskly
shouted down!
"So you know say you get family, you still dey
mumu? God go punish you today!" she tightened up
the wrapper around her body a bit more.
"Oya, make
we dey go sharp sharp!" she unfortunately added,
much to the loud adulation of her colleagues! But

"Where dem dey?!..." came another female voice
from literally nowhere! "Wey Ramsey Nouah?"
Of course every eyes were instantly turned to the
direction from whence the question came from, and
it was about a few yards from where we were; and
right behind the crowded girls. The person in
question was certainly only just coming to the
bathroom. "Dem dey here..." one of the girls with us
answered. I could also see them disperse slightly to
make room for the approaching lady. When I
eventually managed to get a better view, I
discovered she had a partner with her.
"Ramsey Nouah?" she quickly called as she stepped
into the ring of crowded girls. She obviously knew me
well, even though I couldn't tell if I had seen her face
She was a lot older than most of the girls out there -
most likely closer to 40 than to 30 - and was by far
looking the most rebellious! If I were to see her
somewhere in the street, I'd easily take her for a
prostitute or something, given her rather raw
disposition! Regardless of the inadequate piece of
towel she was wearing, you could still easily tell she
had a penchant for exhibiting her nudity! And as she
walked down towards us, her admittedly thick
luscious thighs, took turns to display themselves
through the slit between both ends of the towel! My
colleagues noticed too, and despite the terrible state
of our situation, they equally managed to spare a
stare or two as she walked.

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