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24 June 2016

Story: Cornered - Episode 1

A security man's many years of experience may
appear like wonderful arsenal for his employers until
one equally gets to know what he had done with
most of it! With his daughter having an interest in
joining the (mostly girls) school where he is also
employed, will he be able to contain his libido, with
all the temptation lying around him

I just turned 40. And for the past 13 years, I've been
working as a security man! I began with the Rosary
all-girls College at Badagry before joining St.
Elizabeth's catering school at Ijesha after getting a
very good offer. That was where I spent the last 9
years of the 13 I mentioned earlier. It has been a very
pleasant ride so far to say the least, and out of it, I've
been able to raise two girls and a boy through
primary education. In fact, my first kid - Amina, will
be joining my former employers for her secondary
education and I have plans of drafting her into the
current school where I worked as soon as she was
done. Her mom always spoke about how brilliant she
was in the kitchen and how she would love her to
own a restaurant of her own someday. While that was
a decent dream to have for one's daughter, my ideas
for Amina's future was more than that. I wished she
could do well in school such that she could easily be
employed by the best hotels in the country. I was
seeing good talent in her and that was why I had
begun telling her that she would attend one of the
best catering monotechnics around, such as St.
Elizabeth's. I was more than convinced that it was a
good school and the quality of graduates released
each year proves that. Another convincing factor was
the culture within the school. From what I saw, it was
pretty obvious that there was a tradition of simplicity
and a down-to-earth approach of going about study
there. The students were usually decent and more or
less appearing focused. The tutors too had
seriousness written all over their faces and would be
the first to rebuke bad behaviour even before
security took note of it. While some have accessed
their pattern as highhandedness and even termed
the institution an exalted-secondary-school because
of how tight things were within the premises, I very
much loved them for all they were accused of. Cue in
the fact that I was already a staff within the school
meaning that I could place first-hand attention/
monitoring on my daughter when she becomes a
student there, and you'd see why I believed the
school was a wonderful place to have her!
Another thing I like about the institution was the
students. I always find them warm and friendly.
Being a school predominantly of female population, it
was easy to understand why things remained warm
and nice. The nature of the courses applicable meant
there were always going to be more girls than boys.
At some point in the past, myself and the other three
men who worked as internal-security, appeared to be
the only men present in the entire school and it
easily developed an affinity between ourselves and
the girls. They all gave us nick-names, calling me
Ramsey Nouah after the popular movie actor because
of my supposed comeliness and light skin. This was
the name they openly addressed me with and as new
students joined each year, they easily took up the
names from where their graduating counterparts
stopped. Generally, it was fun as the name in
question wasn't bad at all and it even showed me
that the students loved and appreciated my presence
among them. It also gave me increased reason to be
closer to them and prompted my regularly stopping
by to have a chat with a few of them as I went about
my daily paroles. It equally meant that I could know
them better and in some cases, even up to an
unusually detailed level! This was majorly the case in
the particular female hostel assigned to me - Hostel
P. Before I would stay a full year with them, I had
already known all the girls in there and virtually all
their names! I also could tell what each of them
looked like even if I were to shut my eyes while
saying so! I knew Kwame (the Ghanaian) was the
darkest of the girls while Loretta was the lightest in
complexion. I knew Emma (the one I often called
amazon) was the tallest. I also knew Chiamaka was
the prettiest even though she didn't own the most
attractive body in the hostel. Bosé had the best body
among them all and didn't look bad in the face too.
Her boobs were by far the juiciest in the eye with an
elegant pair of matching nipples!Her boobs were
by far the juiciest in the
eye with an elegant pair of matching nipples! Her
ass were like a big football and never failed to bounce
heavily at the slightest of movements! I heard she
had given birth in the past even though she was still
single but it didn't show on her body! She was firm
and shapely all over! Another girl that was peculiar in
her appearance was Une; the girl from Akwa-Ibom!

She was the model-type slim beauty even though
she wasn't the prettiest. What stood her out though
was her seemingly over-sized shooters! They simply
looked too big for her chest; in a tempting way,
though! They were admittedly round and bouncy,
and could be easily traced out on every shirt she
wore! Combine that with her rather long nipples, and
you would see why she was indeed lusciously
peculiar! She didn't possess a matching backside
anyway even though her ass were fairly sizeable with
tiny faint stretch-marks attractively scattered all over
them! As for the biggest-ass award, I would always
give it to Mary, the eldest of them all! She was a
married mother of three and was in the school with
hopes of starting up a catering business as soon as
she was out. I have had a few chats with her and do
sincerely see a mother determined to survive. In the
beautiful-body department, she was by far the most
matured and had a matching booty to it! Her ass
were simply gorgeous; looked like the entire
universe, and stood out with every form of grace one
can think about!Her ass were simply gorgeous; ...
and stood
out with every form of grace... There were other
married women in the hostel too, who were more or
less ordinary to me; Gloria, Grace, Amara, Deola,
Favour.... Thankfully, we all were friends even though
I never found them attractive in anyway.
Consequently, it should be quite confusing for you
the reader, as you unfailingly wonder how I've
managed to know all these details by being just a
security guard. Anyways, the truth is, I have been
sharing the last 9 years of my work with regular but
secret trips to the female general bathroom every
morning! Not to bathe of course, but to watch the
ladies as they wash their beautiful selves!I have
been sharing the last 9 years of my
work with regular but secret trips to the
female general watch the
ladies as they wash their beautiful selves I began
doing this rather naughty tomfoolery, during my
days at the Rosary College and even extended it to
the nuns and sisters! As soon as I joined my new
school, I continued in just a matter of days! I have
been at it non-stop since then! I would wait until it
was about 6am before proceeding to the bathroom
location. Thankfully, it has been general bathrooms
both at the Rosary College and at St. Elizabeth's even
though I couldn't understand why. That of St.
Elizabeth was even more uncluttered than that of my
former employer as there were no cubicles at all! It
was more or less an enclosed space with drains at
the corners. While it was poor planning to the
common eye, it was a strike of good cherished luck
for myself as I always enjoyed uninhibited views of
my bathing female friends! The fact that it was a bit
towards the 'undeveloped' part of the school
premises was another godsend, meaning that while I
indulged in my voyeur's escapades (while standing
on a water barrel or ladder) through the high
windows, it was always going to be difficult to get
caught! The tall bushes and trees around provided
adequate cover. And given the time of the day it
usually was, being found out was almost out of the
equation! However, that couldn't be said about my
other less-attempted jaunt, which was watching the
girls right at their hostel after 'lights-out'! In fact, it
was while I was doing so that I was caught for the
first time by one of the girls! I had, at usual, stood at
the corridor very late into the night peeping into one
of my favourite rooms. There were just three girls in
the room all of whom were either bi-sexual or
lesbian!There were just three girls in the room all
whom were either bi-sexual or lesbian! Since after I
had found them fucking themselves under the cover
of their room, I hadn't failed to constantly check
them out most of the nights! While they were not
always at it every night, I still managed to find them
doing so a good number of times and it was while
watching them that the said student - Paulina by
name, caught me! Thankfully she didn't raise any
alarm and only coaxed me to come to her room to
explain what exactly it was I was doing. Surprisingly,
I didn't find anyone else in her room and before we
could go through the analysis of 'what I was exactly
doing when she caught me', I had fucked her three
times before dawn!...I had fucked her three times
before dawn!
As bizarre as it may sound, I wasn't the only one who
watched our girls bathe every morning! Three out of
the Four men who worked with me as internal-
security for the school, were also into the habit! The
difference was that we did so independently - at our
respective hostels! I couldn't exactly say for the other
two but one of the men - Kunle precisely, only joined
after seeing me doing so! He was the youngest of us
all and was still single. It had happened that rumours
of a certain girl who had just joined the school was
circulating among the security guards! They said her
name was Michelle and was soon drafted into Kunle's
hostel. Even without his knowing it, the rest of our
colleagues had already found out facts about the girl
and I soon learnt that she was drop-dead beautiful,
but then unforgivably shy and wouldn't undress in-
front of other students! Even at the bathroom, she
always bathed with a shirt and shorts on or with a
bra and a panty!Even at the bathroom, she always
bathed with a shirt...How she expected to keep
doing that for the next three years of her stay in the
school was simply difficult to understand! And when
you couple that with the amazing fact that she had
an outlandishly stunning body, you will understand
why the security men who knew about her simply
went crazy - they all wanted to see her naked! So it
was while I was on a rather failed personal mission to
catch her undressing in her hostel room, that Kunle
found me!

The girl wasn't naked at all but was
wearing a short gown that barely covered her fleshy
ass! I had watched her walk around her room with
the dangerously brief clothe and when she lay to
read on her bed, I was even presented a more
'unsettling' view of the insides of her thighs as well
as her near-naked bum! My dick was almost bursting
through my shorts when Kunle's hand suddenly
landed on my buttocks in alarming fashion!...I was
even presented a more 'unsettling' view
of the insides of her thighs as well as her
near-naked bum! He was clearly surprised at finding
me in there but cleverly covered what he had just
seen me doing, with an intelligent joke! Of course, I
pretended I wasn't exactly doing what he thought I
was doing and quickly brought a hand over my
resiliently throbbing manhood! Unfortunately, it only
took 4 days before I found the young man peering
through the same window at about the same time of
night! As for our Angelina-Jolie-looking Michelle, we
still didn't get to see her tits and pussy any time
soon; sadly though!
Anyways, my earlier experience with Kunle kept me
occupied. For the following four days, I still kept up
with checking out the girls while they showered in
the morning and again returned to their rooms at
night as they prepared for bed.I still kept up with
checking out the girls
... at night as they prepared for bed. But unlike
before, I suddenly wasn't finding doing all those
exciting anymore. Instead I kept having an element
of concern and guilt within me as several questions
about being caught sooner or later endlessly popped
in my head. Of course if the school management ever
learnt that I was in such a habit, it was going to spell
outright doom for me. Same goes with the general
bulk of students finding me out. I was only lucky
Paulina was more interested in fucking me, thus
didn't raise any alarms. But seeing that in just a
matter of months after, Kunle caught me again, it
actually became a thing to think about! I had to
wonder what will become of my family if I ever lost
my job with the school. My wife was basically doing
nothing at the time, leaving me as the only source of
our livelihood. Amina's future was firmly tied to my
involvement in the school too. Any chance of her
joining the school would strongly be influenced by
my remaining with the institution. If I were to be
caught in the rather mischievous habit of watching
naked female students bathe, then I would have
comfortably drawn a curtain on the supposed chance
she had! This prompted a new resolve and I
subsequently told myself that I was never going to
return to the bathrooms anymore - for the sake of
family! Of course, it was a very difficult decision and
for several days, the urge was so strong that I had to
entirely leave the school premises to keep my mind
occupied with less dirty things. I was indeed
determined not to return to the old ways, and even
my seeming affair with Paulina, had to stop, after
several successful attempts at avoiding her!
Everything suddenly seemed to be working out just
fine, after all!
However, about a month or so later, I was just
undressing in my lodge in the morning after a night
duty when Kunle surfaced from virtually nowhere! I
was indeed in a hurry to put on a better cloth as I was
already planning to visit home that dawn considering
that I hadn't been with my family since the previous
morning. Kunle was panting and had this rather
awkward smile across his face.
"Wetin they pursue you?" I asked him, looking up at
him once before looking away
"You go like see this thing Oga Dan..." he hurriedly
said, practically spraying me with his saliva. Some
inevitably caught me in the face. I ignored them.
"See wetin?" I looked up again now, rather curiously
"Michelle o! She don finally remove her pant! Come
see nyash! Cheii!! Come ooo...." he was almost
pulling my arm as he appeared to be dashing out
His announcement predictably struck me that
instant! I couldn't exactly comprehend how possible
it was! This was a young lady who had stayed for
months without accepting to bathe without clothes!
"Come na Oga Dan! Time no dey again! She go soon
comot bathroom o!" Kunle was openly excited
Of course, this was blatant temptation! This was the
same dude who had made me take a decision not to
be involved in this habit anymore! Now he was back
and asking me to come watch the girls again! I just
didn't know how to react. Without any doubt, I knew I
desired to follow him as I was indeed still desperate
to see what young Michelle looked like without cloths
after having seen thousands of naked girls who have
joined and left the school over several years! But
then, I was worried that if I ever followed him I was
likely going to go back to doing the same thing I had
said I wouldn't anymore!
"I no know if I go fit follow you Kunle" I replied him, to
his apparent surprise. I wasn't equally sure if I
needed to tell him why.
"Ah ah...why na Oga Dan?" he then seemed to read
my mind
I didn't reply that one. Instead I kept on packing my
bag in seeming readiness to leave for my house.
" sure say you no go like see this girl toto,
Oga Dan? Eh? Her toto sweet die! Her breast dey
fresh and her ukwu sef dey kee me! Cheei!! Make
you come o Oga! I no say na the nyash you go like!
The thing dey like water melon! Abeg...she go soon
comot bathroom o!... Abeg..."

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