People Didn’t Buy My Singing With Comedy When I Started — Kennyblaq TrendyVoice

25 June 2016

People Didn’t Buy My Singing With Comedy When I Started — Kennyblaq

The Nigerian comedy industry is growing at a fast
pace and It takes more than talent to get noticed in
the competitive industry .Kennyblaq, a fast-rising
music comedian is a youngster who has been able
to distinguish himself through his brand of comedy.
He was the only comedian who performed at Darey
Art Alade's Love Like a Movie Concert.

"We have a whole lot of comedians and for you to
stand out you need to have something people will
know you for. I use music to interpret my materials
which makes me stand out from every comedian. I
am fan of good music. I love singing a lot. People
didn't love the idea of me singing as a comedian
when I started out.

They usually ask me: "Are you a
singer or a comedian?" Alibaba, Maleke and Julius
Agwu did music comedy some years back. I decided
to try my hands on music comedy, but i do it in a
different way.

When I did it for the first time, I only
got the attention of 30 percent of the audience.
People started buying into it later on"

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