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24 June 2016

Olamide Is Like A Brother To Me – Actress, Tayo Sobola On Rumoured Love Issue

Nollywood actress, producer, model and
video vixen, Tayo Sobola recently had a
chat with Encomium during which she
dished on her love life, career and
controversies about her dating rapper,
Olamide, Senatoe Ganiu Solomon and
MC Oluomo in the past.

Sobola, who is a graduate of Sociology
from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun
State said Senator Ganiu Solomon in
like a father to her while MC Oluomo is
someone she constantly runs into and
their relationship is only platonic.

Read some excerpts from the interview:

•On allegedly dating MC Oluomo
and then Senator Ganiu
Olarewanju Solomon (GOS):

Well, if some people don't see you with
any man and they eventually see you
with somebody, especially, when you
have things going well for you, they
assume you are having an affair with
that individual. MC Olumo is a person
you can't hide or run away from,
apparently, I don't have any issues with
him, so I see no reason why I have to
avoid him. I don't have any kind of
romance with him; but as regards
Senator Ganiu Solomon, he is like a
father to me.

•Her relationship with Olamide:

Olamide is more like a brother from
another mother. His humility has made
him achieve so much and he is still
going to achieve more. I can always
stand anywhere and vouch for him. I
had to go and support him for his 'OLIC'
in the United States. Basically, Olamide
is my brother.

•Her relationship with her industry

I don't have problem with any of my
colleagues. I have a good relationship
with them. I greet them often, and we
exchange pleasantries. I don't know
about any allegations. I am close to
virtually all of them. But I believe they
are in a better position to explain that. I
try as much not to step on their toes
and respect myself.

•On marriage:

Laughs, Well, I am engaged; but not
married. My relationship is not what I
want to unveil to the media for now.
Don't be surprised you might see
me tomorrow with my child.

•On the thing that made her weep
in the past:

My father's demise. When I was
starting the entertainment business,
my mum would report me to my dad
and he will call privately and ask me if
that is what I want to do and I will tell
him yes. He would offer his candid
advice and tell me to follow my dreams.
Here I am today; my dad is not here to
see how far I have gone and how well I
am doing. At times, while doing things,
I wish my dad was alive to see it. I have
missed that fatherly love. I actually get
it from other people but I still wished
my dad was alive.

•On her reaction to news circulating
concerning her:

It's my eleventh year in the
entertainment industry as a whole. I
read a lot of things about me on the
internet, newspaper and magazines; I
heard people talk lies about me. I have
learnt to wear a thick skin and turn deaf
ears to negative stories. That is the only
way you can go forward in the industry,
just ignore.

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