New Terrific Details Have Emerged About Christina Grimmie's Killer TrendyVoice

21 June 2016

New Terrific Details Have Emerged About Christina Grimmie's Killer

It's only been a week since Christina Grimmie was
shot in broad daylight in front of her fans. Now some
scary details about her killer have emerged.

According to TMZ, Kevin Loibl, was obsessed with the
YouTube and The Voice US star and wanted to marry

The site even claims that Loibl was so besotted with
the singer that he underwent plastic surgery so she'd
fall in love with him.

TMZ also reckon that Loibl had hair transplants, laser
eye surgery and lived by a vegan diet to try to lose
weight, all in the hope that his new look would make
Christina fall for him.

It's also been revealed that the gunman's work
colleagues say he listened to her music all day and
talked to them about marrying her in the future.

He boasted to them about going to one of her shows
in March this year, hinting that he'd met her and that
they'd been playing online games together -
something sources close to Christina have said isn't

The co-workers at Best Buy said they'd teased Loibl,
saying Christina wouldn't be interested in him as she
already had a boyfriend.

Their comments are reported to have 'enraged' him.

Christina's funeral was on Friday and her mum broke
down, paying tribute to her daughter and Christina's
brother, Marcus, for bravely trying to save her.

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