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24 June 2016

Lessi Peter-Vigboro - My testimonies as Miss Nigeria

In November of 2015 Lessi Peter-Vigboro had her
childhood fantasy staring her in the face and
waking her up from the dream land to reality
when she was crowned the 39th Miss Nigeria.

For the 23 years old, Rivers State-born, University
of Port Harcourt's computer science graduate, it
was an opportunity to reach out to other people,
and make a difference.
But Before winning the Miss Nigeria pageant, she
had participated in two pageants earlier which
sort of prepared her for the big one. She won the
Miss Ogoni pageant and was third runner-up for
Miss Niger Delta.

Winning Miss Nigeria came with
some testimonies and she shares them with us:

•What was it like being part of Miss Nigeria?

The contest was one of the best I have ever been
part of. I had to challenge myself and put up the
right kind of mindset. That was one of the best
moments of my life because I pushed myself and
I like the result that came out of it.

•What is your motive for being part of
beauty pageants?

I think every little girl has this dream or fantasy
of being a princess. As a little girl I have always
been fascinated by the glamour. But growing up I
became part of a lot of volunteering works and I
felt that pageantry will give me a bigger platform
to make impact.
Do you think
pageants you
won't have
the reach
and the
pageants you
can definitely
make impact.
You can make
an impact
even without
having an NGO
but it's more about you wanting to do it. You
don't necessarily have to be a beauty queen
before you make an impact. That said, pageants
give you a very wide platform. I didn't take it
serious when I was in school because I had my
studies to focus on. I had to find time to balance
school and modeling. It was so challenging, but
because it's something I enjoy, I was able to
juggle both.

•Why did you keep trying after being part of
other beauty pageants?

What happened was that I had bought the form
for Miss Nigeria in 2014 and it didn't hold that
year. I rounded off school and went for youth
service and I found out that they were doing
audition, but because I had bought the form I
decided to be part of it, because I didn't want to
waste the money I used to purchase the form.
Going in there, I decided to give it my best shot
mentally and if it doesn't work it won't be
because I didn't try. I guess God rewarded my

•What gave you an edge over the other

Truth is, there were other pretty, smart girls. I
kept a positive mindset and God is also a factor in
it. During the point of selecting a winner, we had
a tie between the first runner-up and me. I was
asked a question during the tie about my
business. I was asked to talk about my business's
unique selling proposition and I had learnt
something about that during the business plan
competition we had in camp. I had to talk about
what will make my business stand out. I think
that also gave me an edge.

•What were your plans when you won the
pageant and how far have you gone with it?

Well, in as much as I know that beauty pageants
are fun and glamourous, my plan is to give back
to the society and learn from the experience. I
hope to come out a better, stronger and wiser
I have been working with some organizations. For
now. I don't have an NGO of my own but it
doesn't stop me from being involved in some
activities. Right now, I am working with an
organization to raise awareness on breast cancer.
We just concluded a charity marathon with Edo
State, where we tested women and were able to
raise some funds. I also engage in some
programmes involving orphanages. I made it a
point to use my platform to advocate for peace
and non-violence agitation because it's important
to me as well. I am from Ogoni in the Niger-Delta
region and a lot of cases of violence go on there. I
try to use my platform to advocate for peace and
non-violence resolution of issues. We've also had
some environmental issues in that region, so I
also use my platform to promote the
environment in a good way to see how we can
have a healthy environment.

•What would you have been if you weren't a
beauty queen?

I love to write, so I hope to be an author someday.
I'll definitely pursue that. I'm sure that I would
have been in a company taking a regular job, but
my passion is writing.

•So what has changed about you since you
became Miss Nigeria?

I'm not a very dressy person, I like to be simple a
lot, but a whole lot of glamour comes with my
position, so my dressing has changed. This
experience has also made me think properly
about the decisions I make. I think I'm a more
responsible person because I have a brand and
image to uphold.

•There have been cases of exploitation in
pageants, what has been your experience
in that regard?

I've not had such an experience. Maybe by
intuition or perception, I think that's probably
why I went for Miss Nigeria, because right from
the onset, the brand has been synonymous with
the right kind of values. It tries to portray the
Nigerian woman in a good light and also brings
out the potential of the Nigerian woman. It's a
very transparent, free and fair pageant. The
experience so far has been good and what my
handlers do is push me to bring out the best in

•What has being a beauty queen taught you?

I've learnt that I have to be held responsible for
the decisions I make and that I should always find
a way to give back to the society. I've learnt to be
more interactive with people to build
relationships because it is required. My
communication skills are getting better.
Generally, I've learnt to improve on myself.
People expect a lot from a beauty queen, so it has
pushed me to invest a lot in myself so I can be
better prepared.

•Can you tell us about your love life?

Before I got into this, I wasn't in a relationship.
And when I got into this I was told that I need to
be focused. So it wasn't much of a challenge to
me because I wasn't already in a relationship.

•Being in the public eye now, you get a lot
male attention, how do you handle that?

Being a beautiful woman, whether you're a
beauty queen or not, you'll always get male
attention. It's something that happens in every
girl's life. As a grown up young girl, I've been able
to manage that, so I still apply the same

•What strategies do you apply?

I just try not to do whatever I'm not comfortable
with. I stick to my values basically and whatever
resonates with me.

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