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25 June 2016

I have Always Had A Crush On Chidimma - Bonkwe

Since Bonkwe released the single 'Na you I go
marry' his fortune in the music industry has
greatly improved as he has become a known
voice on the streets.

The budding Afro-pop star
shares his story with Star Tracker and tells us
what makes him tick:

•How did your journey into music begin?

My journey into music began since I was a little
boy singing in my church choir. I developed
interest in music since then because I love
singing; I was always trying to compose songs for
our choirmaster, so that was how I fell in love
with music.

•At what stage did you decide to go

I decided to make it professional when I realized
my passion for music was greater than anything
else, also Boss L.a Kashmire was another reason I
decided to go pro because of the way he believed
in me, he encouraged me to believe in myself.
Boss L.a kashmire is my boss and the C.E.O of
Kashmire Records, the label I'm signed to.

•What were your parents' reactions when
they knew you were going into music?

My parents were really sceptical about it at first
because I was in the university then and they felt
it was going to affect my studies, but when they
saw the effort I was putting into my music and
how good my grades were, they relaxed.
They realized music was my passion and they
didn't want to discourage me especially when it
was not affecting my grades, so they became
very supportive. I remember sometimes my dad
would give me money for recording and after
studio session I'd bring the song home and we
would all listen - they became really supportive.

•How do you see music, a passion or a
means to make money?

To me, music is passion, music is love, it has
absolutely nothing to do with money. When I'm in
the studio, there is this certain feeling of
fulfilment I have, music comforts me, I write all
the time, I write about everything, I don't see
music as a means to make money because as we
all know, it is difficult to make money from music
in Nigeria due to piracy. I see music only as a
means of expressing myself, and reaching out to
people. Music is more of love and passion to me. I
am music.

Which artist inspired you?

I am a very huge fan of P-square, I've been in love
with them since I was a kid. I love their music, I
look up to them, when I was younger I used to
learn their songs and perform them to my family
members, so I'll say they inspired my music.
How do you intend to promote your brand
to compete with already established stars?
The truth is that most of the artists out there now
want to be like other successful artists, this is not
right, in this game, being real is everything,
artists lie a lot, they live fake lives. I am true to
myself, I'm me, I want to be me, I don't want to
be any other person, I want to be real and stay
real in this game, and I also want to put out real
materials, that's how I intend to stay relevant in
this game. The moment you try to be someone
else you lose your place in the industry. That's
the truth.

• What inspired your new song, "Na you I go

'Na you I go marry' was a song I just came up
with randomly. It wasn't inspired by anything;
the melody just came to me one day at home, so
I took my pen and paper and wrote it down. I
wrote the whole song under 30 minutes. And
when I was done writing I went to see T Spice and
he cooked up the beat for me.

•Does it have anything to do with your
wedding plans?

No, I'm not planning to get married. I want to
focus on my music for now.

•Who is your female celebrity crush and

I have always had a crush on Chidimma. I think
I'm in love with her; I love her because she is very
simple and very talented. She is also beautiful
and one of the most honest female entertainers
we have in the industry today. She has been my
crush for a very long time now.

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