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24 June 2016

Chris Brown Sued By Mike G, Rehabilitation Manager

Mike G, the rehabilitation manager of R&B
singer, Chris Brown, has filed a law suit against
him for an alleged assault. According to TMZ ,
the singer hired Mike in 2012, to repair his social
image, among other things, after the popular
girlfriend beating incident with Rihanna.

The image maker has now claimed to have
suffered the same fate as Rihanna, as Brown
allegedly beat him to a pulp without any
provocation. Mike, who is the victim in the law
suit claimed to have been admitted at an
emergency room following the attack that
involved repeated punches to his face and neck
Brown showed no sign of remorse for his actions
according to the lawsuit.

Instead, it was claimed
that he chose to brag about the incident. Patty
Glaser , the complainant's attorney said, "We did
everything we could to resolve this in a non-
public way to avoid damage to Chris Brown.
Regrettably, as outlined in our complaint, Chris
Brown has proven to be his own worst enemy."

In his defence, Brown released a video on
Instagram saying that he fired Mike G for
stealing from him.
That was usually not the case since the Rihanna

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