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23 June 2016

Bimbo Akintola Speaks On How Joke Silva Influenced Her Acting Career

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akintola has
dished on how veteran actress and film
school founder, Joke Silva influenced
her career and changed her father's
perception of actors after he came to
watch her on stage.

In a recent interview, Bimbo Akintola
who made her acting debut in a 1995
movie titled 'Owo Blow' said, 'Joke SIlva
has done a lot, but it's not even about
the things that she did, it's about the
things she didn't realize that she did'.

She explained further, 'my father
thought actors were never–do–well, you
know how it is. Because at that time,
most of the actors we had were so
passionate about the art that even
though they weren't making money,
they were happy to be in the arts'.

'They were poor people, and what my
father saw was me choosing a life of
poverty, and he couldn't understand it.
"Okay if you don't want to do anything
else, go study English and become a
teacher,' he said. He wanted me to do
so many other things'.

Bimbo Akintola and Joke Silva have
both appeared together on a number of
productions including 'Hear Word',
'Keeping Faith', 'Lasgidi Cops' and

Speaking on how she was able to finally
convince her father to give into her
choice of career, Bimbo said, 'We
argued about if for a while, and I won
because I knew I wouldn't be happy
doing any other thing. But he still
wasn't happy about it. And then I got to
do this job with Aunty Joke, and I told
her about my struggle with my dad.
She said 'Oh, bring him to the
performance,' and I did.

'My father met her and he was so
impressed by Aunty Joke that he didn't
care. He was just thinking 'if this is the
sort of person that is an actor, then my
daughter should be an actor.' From
then it was okay. It wasn't the awards,
it was just meeting Aunty Joke'.

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